Why 100% Organic Chia Seeds Are An Amazing Superfood


Chia seedsA lot of people remember, in years gone by, receiving a Chia pet for a Christmas gift and how much fun it was to watch the seeds grow, but little did they know, that these amazing seeds would someday become recognized as a superfood.

These seeds, prized by the Aztec and Mayan Indians of Central America, are surprising sources of nutrition such as high-fiber, high protein, and a high quantity of good quality healthy oils. Let’s examine these nutritional facts in detail, some of the incredible uses of Chia seeds, and what to look for in order to find good quality, organic Chia seeds.

Chia Seeds Are High In Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Among the different kinds of fat that are considered to be good for your health, omega-3 is the most popular, however is also important to balance that with omega six fatty acids as well. Most nutrition experts recommend a balance between the two fatty acids of about 3:1, or three times as much omega-6 as you get of omega-3 fatty acids.

Many oils such as corn oil far exceed this, with a ratio of 50: 1, whereas Chia seeds have been found to be nearly the opposite with the ratio of 1:3 that helps balance out the other oils that you consume in your diet. Omega three is the oil that helps soften the insides of your arteries, keeps your blood cells moving freely and not sticking together, promotes brain health and may even fight off some of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease as well.

Chia Seeds Are An Important Source Of Complete Protein For Humans.

chia seedsMost plant proteins, while good for you, are not complete sources for proteins because they usually lack several that your body needs, but cannot produce on its own, and can only be had by the consumption of animal proteins.

Chia on the other hand, provides higher quality protein, better than soy, flax, oats, and especially wheat and corn, and doesn’t require the consumption of any animal proteins in order to be complete.

In addition to that, Chia are high in protein, with just 2 tablespoons providing 3 g of protein. Plus, 2 tablespoons also provides 63 mg of calcium which is more than two glasses of milk.

When It Comes To Antioxidants These Seeds Are A Winner.

Antioxidants, when consumed in sufficient quantities, circulate throughout your body and chemically combine with what are called free radicals, which are chemicals that cause inflammation throughout your body which can lead to premature aging, a weaker immune system, and sometimes even cancer.

The seeds are able to provide three times the antioxidants of blueberries, which are highly touted as a high antioxidant food. In addition to that they provide four times the amount of the mineral iron as is contained in spinach.

Chia Are Great Weight Loss Companions.

Chia SeedsThe ancient Aztec Indians used these seeds as a food staple whenever they went on a long journey due to their highly concentrated nutrition, combined with their ability to absorb large amounts of water.

A basic seed will absorb nearly 12 times its weight in water, swelling up to occupy large amounts of space in your stomach, thus making you feel full.

This was advantageous to the Aztecs when they had a long journey to battle with an army in a distant land, as they could then carry enough concentrated food to last nearly a week without stopping to eat. This gave them an incredible advantage over any other army.This same property also makes Chia one of the best diet foods as well, you can mix them with water, then feel full for hours on end.

When combined with their other great nutritional properties such as high-protein, high-fiber, loaded with potassium, plenty of iron, and super high quality fats, you can see that they are nearly the perfect diet food. The seeds provide plenty of quality nutrition, while occupying lots of space in your digestive track, suppressing your appetite, but without overloading you with calories.

It’s Best To Find Seeds That Are Organically Grown.

chia seedsWhen looking to purchase Chia, it’s important to always look for the phrase 100% organic in order to be sure you’re not getting any pesticides in your diet.

Luckily, the seeds grow quite rapidly and tend to overcrowd other invasive plants, plus have fewer insect pests at the same time, making them easier to grow without the use of toxic pesticides.

No matter what your goal, whether it is losing weight, increasing the calcium in your diet, adding more omega-3, or hiking in the woods for long stretches of time, Chia seeds could be the superfood you need. By making sure you have only hundred percent organically grown, you have almost nothing else to worry about, nutritionally or otherwise, by consuming plenty of these amazing seeds.


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