Where Are Chia Seeds In The Grocery Store?


chia seedFor those of you that would like to try Chia seeds, you might believe that you have to order them as a specialty item.

Since they originated from southern Mexico, you might also think that they need to be imported.

Fortunately, Chia seeds are available in many stores today, from regular grocery stores to health food stores that are near you.

In most cases, if they don’t have them, you can have them order a pound or two to see what they taste like, and to start enjoying the benefits that they can provide.

In this article, we will tell you exactly where to go in a grocery store, or any store for that matter, when looking for Chia seeds to purchase. If you don’t know what Chia actually is, here is a brief overview of what this superfood can do for you.

What Is Chia?

chia seedsPresented on many of the most popular medical talkshows, as well as radio programs nationwide, many people are becoming more aware of what Chia is.

Yet may not know exactly what it does. They know that it is healthy, and that you should add this to your diet in order to improve your overall health.

But the exact specificities of this seed, and what is inside that makes it so special, is what most people do not understand. First of all, Chia is an edible seed that, in the original Mayan and Aztec languages, means strength. It has been known for centuries by these cultures to be a seed that can help people have extra energy.

Little did they know back then about all of the ways that you can actually improve a person’s overall health. Let’s now look at what’s inside the Chia seed, and why it certainly should be labeled as a superfood.

What Does Chia Have In It?

These little black and white seeds pack quite a punch in regard to the various supplements that it provides. Chia has omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, antioxidants, fiber and protein. This on processed whole-grain food is actually able to absorb over 10 times its weight in water.

Although the flavor is very light, when eaten by itself, it has a mild nutty flavor that people enjoy. In total, it has about 140 calories, of which there are 4 g of protein, 12 g of carbohydrates, 9 g of fat, 11 g of fiber, and various minerals and vitamins in a one ounce serving.

Now that you know what is in Chia, let’s look at one of the most beneficial aspects of this tiny seed which is how it can help you lose weight.

Weight Loss And Chia Seeds

weight loseOne of the primary reasons that Chia seeds are able to help you lose weight is they act like an appetite suppressant. Unlike pharmaceutical appetite suppressant, or those that make you feel full for perhaps chemically related reasons.

Chia simply expands in the stomach, and in doing so, convinces your brain that you are full.

This simple trick that Chia seeds can do because their ability to absorb so much water, is one of the main reasons that people take Chia every day in order to prevent themselves from over eating.

Fiber And Antioxidants

The next thing that you should know about Chia is that it contains quite a bit of fiber. Fiber is good for lowering blood sugar levels, something that is helpful in regard to losing weight, or helping those that suffer with diabetes. Fiber also helps with processing the food that you eat through your intestines, allowing you to stay regular throughout the week.

With improved bowel function, there also comes antioxidants which can help improve your immune system. All of us are dealing with free radicals on an everyday basis, and need to find a way to combat these problems at the cellular level. By taking Chia every day, these antioxidants can help us stay healthy, fighting free radicals with just one serving a day.

Is Chia Gluten-Free?

Chia SeedsMany people today are suffering from celiac disease which is caused by grains that many products are made from.

People have to stay away from the bakery, breads, and anything else that uses a wide variety of grains.

Since Chia is a seed, you might think that it also contains glutens, but it does not. It is actually gluten-free, and can help provide you with all of these benefits without worrying about developing celiac disease, or any other problems, commonly associated with gluten-based products.

Where Do You Get Chia Seeds At A Grocery Store?

Now to answer the question about where Chia seeds are found in a grocery store, the answer is actually very simple. In most grocery stores, there is a health food section where you can purchase foods that you might find out a co-op. By going down this eisle, you will typically find a couple different brands of Chia seeds.

They are about $10 a pound, giving you plenty to try out so that you can start seeing the benefits right away. If you do not have on at your local grocery store, they might be able to order them for you. Otherwise, take a trip down to your local co-op or natural health food store, and they will definitely have this product on their shelves.

 benefits of chia seedsThe benefits of taking Chia everyday are numerous, and should motivate you to give it a try.

Regardless of what celebrity experts and diet nutrition experts tell you, the true proof about the benefits of Chia will be found in how it will change your life.

Go ahead and get a bag of Chia today and start taking the recommended serving. Hopefully, this little seed will begin to change your life for the better, improving your health and your mental well-being as a result of taking these seeds everyday.


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