What are the Health Benefits of Chia Seeds


When a person is thinking of adding chia seeds to their diet, they will be wondering what are the health benefits of chia seeds. Though they may look like normal seeds, their health benefits are quite remarkable. The seeds’ various health benefits have made it one of the latest sought after ‘Superfood. In the past, they were eaten by Aztec warriors as part of their preparations for battle. Knowing the main health benefits these seeds provide can provide insight to any interested individual.

Energy boost

This amazing seed has a perfect blend of nutrients that will provide a person with the extra energy they need for a long day of work, or the extra stamina needed to improve gym performance. The seeds have a high carbohydrate content which makes them capable of absorbing upto ten times their own weight in liquid. This absorbency quality allows them to have minimal effect on an individual’s blood sugar. It also prevents the carbohydrates from being broken down quickly by the body. As a result, a person is able to sustain their energy levels throughout the day.

Weight loss

Another health benefit of chia seeds is their capability of helping a person lose weight. Loss of weight is directly related to the seeds’ absorbency capabilities and nutrient content. The seeds’ outer layer contains a soluble fiber which causes slow absorption of carbohydrates. As a result, an individual will experience stabilized blood sugar and a suppressed appetite. A recent clinical trial found that chia food benefits included a reduction of upto 50% of appetite in people taking a middle dose of the foods.

Bone strength

It can be hard for a person to know the amount of calcium they are getting and, most importantly if they are getting enough. A person who does not like milk should choose chia seed products as they tend to have more calcium than milk. Additionally, the seeds enhance calcium absorption which makes them a good addition to any diet. Lactose intolerant persons should use chia seeds as an alternative as the calcium in they contain is easier to digest than the one present milk.

Mental health

It is common knowledge that Omega 3 is considered to be natural brain food. However, people do not know the mental health benefits they can get from chia food products. These products support a person’s nervous system which in turn has a direct impact on their brain function. When there is improved brain function, there is a better nerve tranmission which results in improvement of mood.

Muscle building

Chia can be a great source of protein for people who are gluten intolerant or vegetarians. A good number of nutritionists have come to the conclusion that these foods contain more protein than any other grain alternatives in the market. A person who is interested in building muscle and body building should consider chia food products as part of their daily diet. All this information is based on clinical research. Any individual who was wondering what are the health benefits of chia seeds and their products can now know what to expect from the same.


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