Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Chia Diet


Chia is a mint family plant common in Guatemala and Mexico. Chia has been used as a food for many generations dating back to the ancient Mexico but its global use has only exploded over the last few years. The rapid acceptance of chia diet over the last few years is due to the changing nature of the modern society. Today, people are more worried about what to eat and what they should not eat.

Why you should eat chia diet

Chia diet is rich in omega 6 and 3 fatty acids. Chia is a better source of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids even better than salmon. 10z ration of chia will offer you with almost 160 times of omega 6 higher than 60z ration of salmon and 21/2 times more of omega-3. Therefore, if you are interested in eating more of omega 3 and 6, you should opt for chia.

Chia is also essential in the supply of amino acids. Essential amino acids are necessary ingredients in the protein synthesis and enzyme production. Your body can only synthesize a limited number of amino acids requiring intake of those that cannot be synthesized through foods that you eat. The other dietary challenge is the fact that majority of foods do not have all amino acids that your body needs, which requires you to eat combination of different foods to compliment your diet. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a complete diet that will provide your body with all eight necessary amino acids you should include chia diet in your plans. Vegetarians and vegans who have difficulty getting enough amino acids mostly sourced from meat should embrace chia seeds as the major source of amino acids.

Chia is gluten and cholesterol free. Today people are looking for foods that compliment their health needs without putting them at greater risk. If you are worried about eating cholesterol and gluten you should turn to chia diet. Its lack of cholesterol and gluten makes it a good substitute to people suffering from celiac disease or gluten intolerant. You can eat chia by itself or with another gluten free product.

Chia diet can also help you prevent high blood sugar, diverticulitis and even constipation. Studies have shown that most people do not consume enough fiber in their diets putting them at a greater risk of constipation among other conditions. Consuming enough fibers offer you with many benefits that include more reliable blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels and reduced risk of intestinal maladies.

The other benefit of consuming chia diet is that it keeps you fuller for long. The microscopic fibers of chia seed create attachment points when exposed to water, which allows the seed to form a hydrating crust around the chia seed. Chia seed has the capacity to hold up to nine times weight of water greater than its weight. Furthermore, when mixed with water it forms a substance that is difficult to separate. The mixture makes you feel fuller for long while the water keeps you hydrated for long as it is absorbed slowly. This makes chia seed a perfect diet for people losing weight.


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