The Health Advantages Of Chia Seeds Drink


In the past days, chia seeds were utilized for paying tributes, taxes or as spiritual offerings. These tiny seeds were used by the early warriors and running messengers of Mayans to sustain their endurance and strength. Today, chia seeds are becoming popular as a suitable way to introduce essential nutrients into daily recipes and as a means of getting increased energy. They are a very healthy adding to your diet as they have high levels of omega fats, protein, fiber, minerals and anti-oxidants. The seeds are digested slowly and they give a sustainable energy boost. For this reason, they are becoming a choice for athletes, particularly runners.

Chia has fibers which make it hydrophilic. It is this property of these seeds that keeps one hydrated fro longer periods, hence retaining important electrolytes in their body system. Besides, this property makes chia seeds ideal to be used as a healthy drink. Chia seeds drink is of great assistance to people who have sugar restrictions. The seeds slow down digestion and help the body to sustain a glucose level that is normal while simultaneously allowing the diabetic person to be energetic.

Chia drinks are available in different flavors and preparations. The seeds can be added to different pure fruit flavors. The resultant chia fruit juice becomes a fit natural drink that does not have any artificial sweeteners. You can always have a glass of strawberry, lemonade, cherry lime, cranberry or citrus flavored chia seeds drink to satiate your thirst after a tiresome task or during summer. Simultaneously, these chia drinks give you additional energy to help cope with your day by day routines and enjoy additional time for your hobbies.

For you to achieve an energized and healthy body, you should use chia drinks regularly. Making them part of your everyday diet will help you benefit from their many nutrients. Chia seeds are easy to incorporate with other foods. Mixing these seeds with water forms a soft gel that assists in the blending together of different tastes in your drink. The chia gel works well with both hot and cold drinks. Today, chia seed drinks are increasingly becoming popular due to their various delicious flavors and many healthy benefits.

Among the common chia drinks is chia fresco, which is a healthy endurance drink that was used in the past years for sustaining hydration and endurance over long periods of time. This drink is made by integrating drinking water with chia seeds, one glass of lemonade as well as a sweetener such as honey or agave nectar. You should let the seeds to form into a soft gel prior to drinking it.

Another drink is chia hot tea, which is made by shaking over chia seeds in hot tea. This combination results to an excellent protection against ageing issues. You can also make cold fruit chia tea by stirring the seeds with clean water and some nutritious fruits such as lemon, blueberry, raspberry and citrus. This is definitely more beneficial to your health than diet soda or soft drinks.

You can also get chia fruit drinks in pear, blackberry, and strawberry among other flavors. It should be noted that these drinks have low caloric content making them very appropriate for diabetic people. Taking chia seeds drink is advisable if you desire to guarantee a healthy life.


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