The Chia Seeds Benefit


It is very important that people consume enough essential fatty acids in their diets like omega 3 and omega 6 which are mostly found in fish and other sea foods. However it can be very difficult to get enough of these essential fatty acids on a day to day basis. The good news is that an ancient seed known as the Chia seed has become very popular because of the nutritional and medicinal value attached to it.

Chia is a Mayan word meaning strength; a member of the mint family, chia seeds are either black or white and are both very nutritious. The Mayans, Incas and Aztec used the chia seeds as an important source of energy in their diets especially during conquest. These ancient tribes also used the seed medicinally to stimulate saliva and treat joint pain. Unfortunately during the Spanish conquest the seed was banned from use because the Spanish associated it with the Aztec religion.


Source of energy

Just as its name implies the seeds are a great source of energy and can sustain one for up to 24 hours. Many athletes love this seeds as it helps them perform up to their optimum levels for a longer time.Aids in weight loss.

The Chia seeds are essential to weight loss as they are able to provide bulk and contain very few calories. The essential fatty acids promote lean muscle and boost metabolism. These make the seeds very important to those who want to lose or maintain their weight.

Good for heart health

As they are a high source of omega-3 and omega-6 they support the reproductive, cardiovascular and nervous system.They help in balancing blood sugar.

Well balanced blood sugar levels are import for energy and general health.

Blood sugar generally goes up after a meal, especially if one consumes foods high in starch or sweets. The seeds gelling action and its ability to combine insoluble and soluble fiber ensures that your body converts starch into sugar at a slower pace.

A good source of anti-oxidants

Anti-oxidants are well known for their health benefits especially their ability to prevent premature aging of the skin by fighting free radicals. Since the seed contains a high level of anti- oxidants they are able to stay fresh at temperature for up to two years something that you will not find in other seeds.

Prevents Diverticulitis

People need to eat plenty of insoluble and soluble fiber, but due to the over processing of food it has become harder or expensive to get rich fiber sources and therefore the rise of diverticulitis. The chia seeds aid the smooth digestion of food because it contains both the insoluble and soluble fiber ensuring that food moves smoothly during digestion. It also ensures that the colon is hydrated.


Due to the concentration of omega-3 in these seeds the joints stay well lubricated and supple. Omega-3 can also be converted to prostaglandins, prostaglandins has both anti- inflammatory and pain relieving effects.High source of protein.
Chia seeds are a very good source of proteins compared to other grains. They also contain strontium that helps in the assimilation of protein and production of high energy.


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