Ultimate CHIAlife Seeds Review


Price: $15.29/Pouch

They guarantee the quality of the product, but you can't return it if you're unsatified with Ultimate CHIAlife. However, these are reasonably good chia seeds and you can afford plenty of them.

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Ultimate CHIAlife Seeds

Rated Three Stars

Chia is the latest super food to cause a buzz on the health scene and with good reason. Chia seeds are packed with protein, vitamins, nutrients, and dietary fiber. However, they’re also incredibly low in calories, making them a terrific addition to any healthy diet and fitness routine. Many health and nutrition experts are celebrating chia as one of the most nutritious foods you could possibly consume and consumers who have already made it a part of their life are raving about amazing changes they’re seeing in their overall health and sense of well-being.

While there are many chia products out there on the market, it pays to do your homework on each to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Not all chia products are created equally! CHIAlife is one product that comes out ahead of some of the competition, so it’s our #4 pick as far as the top chia products out there today.

Ultimate CHIAlife Seeds Review

Consumer Rating: 6.5/10 Seed Quality: Above Average
Company Reputation: Above Average Customer Service: Average
Cost (3 Month Supply): $15.29/Pouch Buy it?: Maybe?

Ultimate CHIAlife Seeds Product Overview

Ultimate CHIAlife offers reasonably good chia seeds and they’re high in fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids, and a wealth of essential vitamins and nutrients to help keep your body and its inner workings in good condition. It was created and marketed to be a healthful addition to meals, shakes, tonics, or other edible items.

It provides a sustained, all-natural energy boost that keeps blood sugar even, brain function alert, and vitality levels high throughout the day. However, it does so without the aid of sugar, caffeine, or anything else other than the nutrients naturally contained within the chia itself. CHIAlife is also capable of improving memory function, productivity, and sleep quality.

Ultimate CHIAlife has a fairly rigorous quality control system. It’s double-tested, organically grown, and certified specifically to ensure that it meets that standard. This is also chia in one of its most flexible forms as well. The seeds can easily be baked into breads, used to top salad or yogurt, or even eaten straight from the bag as a nutritious snack. A convenient pouch keeps your seeds super fresh at all times.

Ingredients Review

People who were hoping to get their hands on pure chia without anything added to the mix should like CHIAlife, because it’s still good quality chia and is grown, tested, and packaged to meet fairly high standards. This is chia you can feel comfortable putting into your body or giving to your loved ones to eat.

Dosage Review

CHIAlife’s recommended dosage calls for one tablespoon consumed up to three times daily. The seeds can either be added to meals or recipes as they are, eaten straight from the bag, or mixed into liquid and taken as a tonic. If you decide to mix them into liquids, you should aim for 4 to 8 ounces per tablespoon of chia seed. This product is not recommended for people who are suffering from diarrhea, obstructed bowls, or any condition that causes severe cough. It is also not recommended for people who have trouble swallowing for any reason.


Depending on where you pick up your supply of CHIAlife and whether you opt for the 12-ounce packet or the 16-ounce canister, you can expect a batch to cost somewhere between $15 and $20. CHIAlife is available from a wide variety of offline health food shops and fitness supplement shops, as well as online through authorized CHIAlife retailers.


Unlike some chia products, CHIAlife does not come attached to an ironclad money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturer. It’s really classified more as a health food item than it is as a supplement, so this is understandable. However, some retailers will give you a discount or a break on shipping cost if you buy in bulk.

The manufacturers behind Ultimate CHIAlife guarantee the health and nutritional quality of the product though. All packages of CHIAlife are guaranteed to be 100% organically grown chia seed. Each serving contains 5 grams of quality dietary fiber, more protein per ounce than soy, and 6 concentrated antioxidants. It’s also guaranteed to be gluten-free and preservative free.

My Personal Recommendation:

We’re not dropping off in premium grade chia seeds quite yet, and the price is certainly attractive. You may prefer to buy chia of the highest quality and with a more generous money-back guarantee, but you probably won’t regret it if you try Ultimate CHIAlife.Ultimate CHIAlife Seeds

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  • Alex says:

    The Ultimate CHIAlife Seeds seem reasonably priced compared to other products on the market. Maybe trying to make the product more affordable to people with smaller incomes. Thumbs up!

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