A Question for Nut Intolerant Individuals: Are Chia Seeds Nut Free?


chia seedsChia, a plant native to Mexico, belongs to the mint family. Today, hundreds of people use chia seeds for several reasons.

First, these seeds are popular since they contain many nutrients. Second, they are safe to use; even people with diabetes can take advantage of them.

These seeds are also potent for weight loss. In fact, more and more slimming products in the market today contain chia seeds. In addition, these seeds contain large amounts of fiber and omega-3.

No wonder numerous health experts say that these tiny black seeds should not be absent in your daily diet. Not only for the health-conscious, but all people need to educate themselves on the things that chia seeds can offer.

These seeds bring many advantages, aside from the ones mentioned above. Below are other health benefits that these seeds provide:

  • chia seed* Chia seeds are rich in fiber: With only two tablespoons of these seeds, you can effectively fill your body with 10 grams of fiber. High level of fiber is good for your health since it promotes waste elimination. Fiber also regulates cholesterol levels.
  • * Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants: Antioxidants are natural substances that prevent cell damage. Meaning, including chia seeds in your diet helps you fight the signs of aging and keeps the body away from free radicals.
  • * Chia seeds are rich in minerals: Based on clinical studies, two tablespoons of chia seeds already contain 50 percent manganese and 35 percent phosphorus. Furthermore, the same amount also contains 24 percent magnesium. All these minerals are vital for energy metabolism.
  • * Chia seeds are gluten-free: People who have gluten intolerance need not to worry since these seeds do not have this protein composite. On the other hand, this fact also leads to the common question, “are chia seeds nut free?”

What is Nut Intolerance?

stomach painNut intolerance is a condition where a person is sensitive to certain kinds of nuts, like peanuts, hazelnuts and chestnuts.

Although symptoms vary from person to person, the most common ones are bloating, cramping and stomach pain. This condition often results in diarrhea.

There are also seeds, which are not really nuts, that cause these symptoms. As a treatment for this condition, doctors prohibit nut-intolerant people from eating nuts and seeds. However, are chia seeds nut free? Are chia seeds safe for patients with nut intolerance?

Are Chia Seeds Nut Free?

Chia seed is a seed, not a nut; therefore, it is safe to say that it will not trigger an allergic reaction for people who are sensitive with nuts. Regarding the question, are chia seeds safe for patients with nut intolerance, the answer is that – people should consume them in moderation.

chia seedsAlthough chia seeds taste like nuts, nut-intolerant people can safely eat them without having to worry about allergies. On the other hand, pressed or ground chia seeds are an exemption.

There is a tendency for plant workers to process these seeds in the same area where tree nuts are also processed. This results to contamination.

However, this does not mean that these people cannot completely eat pressed or ground chia seeds. As mentioned earlier, consumption should be in moderation and with precaution.

Meaning, as long as the chia seeds you will opt for did not come from the same plant that processes nut-containing products, then you could give in to your cravings.

What Happens The Nut Intolerant Eat Nut-Containing Foods?

Oral allergies are the first reaction that patients with nut intolerance experience. This kind of allergy includes tingling, itching and swelling of the lips, mouth, and even the throat. People will suffer from these symptoms in a couple of minutes to an hour after eating nut-containing foods. There are also cases that even kissing someone who have eaten nut will result in this condition.

After an oral allergy, patients with this condition will suffer from gastric problems. They may suffer from loose stools. In addition, because they frequently visit the bathroom, they tend to look pale and feel tired.

Stay On The Safe Side All The Time

chia seedsBecause chia seeds offer many health benefits, most people prefer to have them in the kitchen to keep them handy every time they prepare a meal.

These people are also the ones who really want answers to the question, “Is chia seed nut free?” In order for you to be confident about what you are eating, especially if the food has chia seeds, you always need to read labels.

It is also vital for consumers to know that the correct dosage for these seeds depends upon a person’s age, current health status, and other health issues. Regardless of how beneficial these seeds are, keep in mind that too much is something is bad enough. Lastly, if you are someone who is not sure whether you are nut intolerant or not but really want to eat foods with chia seeds, then make sure to see a doctor before consuming them.


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