Organic Chia Seeds: Benefits and Potential Side Effects


Organic Chia seeds are food containing rich of nutrient. They derive from Salvia hispanica which is a plant grown in South America and Mexico. The name (chia) comes from the word “chain”. It is the Aztec word. This word has meaning “oily”. This name is given to this plant since it is full of oils. Besides oils, some beneficial fats can be found in this plant as well. For long time, these seeds have been used by Aztec warriors as a source of energy. By consuming this food, they have sufficient energy for whole day.

However, modern era makes the original function of organic Chia seeds little change. Modern people have already known that these seeds can be used for several benefits instead of as a source of energy. Based on the medical research, these seeds can be used as weigh loss ingredient. A soluble fiber contained by the seeds creates gelatin-like mass. When it occurs on the human’s digestive tract, the weight loss will be obtained. By the gelatin-like mass, the digestive process on human body will be getting slower. As the result, those who consume these seeds rarely feel hungry. In short, it is similar to the other weight loss products which actually suppress the hunger.

Organic Chia seeds give benefit for one’s health overall. It can be understood on how they influence the digestive process. Usually, the digestive process is related to weight loss. In fact, it is only a specific result. From the broader point of view, these seeds influence the health overall. Since it deals with the digestive process, they take the important role for one’s health as well except for losing the weight.

According to certain research, those who have cholesterol and heart disease can take the advantages of organic Chia seeds. Healing process can be carried out by these seeds. The study has noticed that the risk factor of cholesterol and also heart disease are decreased by consuming these seeds. This result is obtained after there are patients with those diseases consuming these seeds for 30 days. However, the time for consuming them is not exactly determined. Medical check-up needs to be held in order to find out how long a patient is allowed to take the seeds as medication. Besides reducing heart and cholesterol disease risk factors, patients with high blood pressure can feel the benefit from the seeds. Meanwhile, the healthy blood sugar will be maintained well.

Those are some positive impacts of consuming organic Chia seeds. In order to get balanced information, people need to know what the negative impacts which possibly occur. The Netherland study has found that there is an indication in which the consumers will experience prostate cancer. Actually, it is only the risk factor. However, those who decide to consume the seeds have to warn themselves with this possible side effect. Besides, the seeds also cause intestinal bloating. This report is announced by the American Dietetic Association. The last negative effect might be related to digestive problem. Stop consuming the seeds is the first and the best way to avoid any further serious health problems.


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