Organic Chia Seeds and Their Benefits

Organic Chia seedsOrganic Chia seeds have a long history of use. They were first used by the Aztecs where they grew the seeds as staple food. These seeds are obtained from a plant whose botanical name is Salvia hispanica. Although this plant was native to Mexico, it has spread to different places and today it’s being grown for commercial purposes in parts of South America and Australia. Chia belongs to the mint family i.e. Lamiaceae. Salvia hispanica is popular for its high level of omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients.

The nutritional composition of Chia seed comprises of a third soluble dietary fibers, a third protein and a third of oil. The oil part of this seed is made up of two thirds of omega 3 fatty acids. The seed has also been found to contain a good amount of amino acids and antioxidants. A research has shown that when you take two tablespoonfuls of Chia seeds, you supply your body with 7grams of soluble fibers, 205 milligrams of calcium, and 5 grams of omega 3 fatty acids and 4 grams of proteins. When Chia seed was compared with other high nutrients foods, it was observed that it has more omega 3 fatty acids than Atlantic salmon, it has many antioxidants than blueberries, more fibers as compared to bran flakes, more calcium than milk and generally more nutrients than flax seeds.

Chia seeds have a delicious taste and this make it possible for anybody to incorporate it in to his diets. Among the ways you can use these seeds on food includes; you can sprinkle them on your salad, you can add them to your salad, you can add them to your smoothie, you can use the seeds to make desserts, you can use the seeds to make porridge or pudding, you can sprinkle them on your sushi and you can also eat them raw. There are also some people who sprout the seeds and then incorporate them in their sandwich.

Uses of Salvia hispanica

There are various reasons why people will choose organic Chia seeds. They include nutritional reasons, ornamental gardening, and culinary applications.

Nutritious benefits

There are various nutritious benefits that will be achieved when you use Chia seeds. The health benefits derived from Chui seeds are directly linked to the seed’s nutritional composition. They include; Amino acids which helps to boost body’s immunity and also improving mental health, Calcium which promotes the development of strong teeth and bones, antioxidants which play a very important role in the body by getting rid of free radicals which are the major causes of serious conditions such as cancer and fibers which helps to improve digestion.

Other benefits are associated to the properties of Chia seeds for example; due the seed’s high water absorption capability, it helps to retain water in the digestive truck thus keeping you adequately hydrated at all times. It is also effective in balancing the electrolytes in the body as well as removal of toxins. The seeds are easily digestible and they have a high concentration of nutrients. This means that just a small serving of the seeds will supply the body with all the nutrients it requires. The seeds are versatile meaning that they can be used in almost all types of foods to replace unhealthy fats. People who want to lose weight will also find Chia seeds very important as it will help them to cut the extra pounds. It helps to cut weight due to the fact that you will feel full for a long time and thus you will eat less. It has also been observed that these seeds help to boost endurance thus making it possible for you to work for longer periods of time without getting exhausted.

Culinary applications

The seeds have a favorable nutty taste which makes them suitable for complimenting different dishes. The seeds can be crashed to and then mixed with baking floor, dry seeds can be sprinkled on cereals and salads, Chia gel can be used to replace fat during cooking.

Ornamental gardening

Before Chia seeds were known for their health benefits, they had already gained popularity for ornamental gardening. Many people love these plants due to their hair like sprouts when grown on clay Chia pets. Chia plants can be grown in any garden with goods access to sun and also a good drainage. When a Chia plant matures; it develops dark green leave at the base. These leaves are covered with grey hairs. At the top end of the plant, tiny and beautiful trumpet flowers will develop.

Risks of Chia seeds

Although Chia seeds are commonly known for its tremendous benefits, there are a number of risks that may face some users. Just like any other supplement, it would be advisable to inquire from your doctor is it will be safe for you to take Chia seeds. The following groups of people may not be very good candidates for Chia seeds;

People with allergic reactions- It has been observed that there are some people who are allergic to Chia seeds. The allergic reactions may be portrayed in different intensities with some suffering from mild reactions while others facing severe reactions. People who are allergic to mastered seeds and also sesame seeds are likely to develop an allergy for Chia seeds. If you are allergic to any member of the genus Salvia, it would be advisable to consult a doctor before using Chia seeds.

Interaction with medications- Due to delayed stomach emptying, Chia seeds may react with some medications. It may also have an effect on the way the body metabolizes different medicines. Specifically, people suffering from cardiac conditions and who are on medication should contact their doctors before using these seeds. If you are waiting to go for surgery, ask your doctor if it’s okay to continue taking your Chia seeds supplement in the days preceding the surgery.

Pregnancy and nursing- There is not any research that has been conducted to verify the effect of organic Chia seeds on nursing mothers and also pregnant women. However, if you have any pregnancy related complication, it would be important to ask your doctor if it is right to continue taking your Chia seeds.

The bottom line is that Chia seeds are effective than any other food supplement. Chia seeds can be purchased from online dried herbs providers. Make sure that you research about the providers to ensure that you buy genuine Chia seeds.