Organic Chia – A healthy All in One Food


This special little seeds have proven themselves to be indeed wonder seeds. Chia seeds are organic, raw and naturally produced in the wild without any type of pesticide. They are very rich and nutritious and have some special qualities that deem them suitable for any and everyone. Organic chia seeds are proven to have the highest protein content compared to all seeds. They also have a high organic fat content; 30% omega 3 oils and 10% omega 6 oils. This makes it a great omega 3 supplement and great alternative to vegetarians. Actually the omega oils content in organic chia seeds is higher than that found in fish adding to its advantage. It is also rich in other nutrients such as vitamins as well as amino acids which cumulatively do a great job in balancing your diet and keeping your body healthy.

When put in water, chia seeds create a gel like substance which makes them an ideal dieter’s food. This is because when eaten, this gel substance in the stomach prevents calories along with other food substances from getting absorbed in the system hence an ideal food for weight watchers. They also have the qualities to make a person feel fuller for longer hence preventing hunger pangs and constant eating. This goes a long way in maintaining and reducing weight.

Organic chia seeds are highly hydrophilic as they are known to easily hold 10 times its weight when immersed in water. This ability to hold in high qualities of water enables one to successfully maintain and hold in as much water as possible. This is ideal for people who work long hours under dehydrating circumstances such as athletes.

These magnificent organic seed is absolutely tasteless hence edible by anyone and can be used as an ingredient to any food. One can eat them whole or grind and include them in cakes, biscuit and bread. Their ability to not alter the natural taste in food is a bonus, very unique and has no after taste.

Organic chia can be eaten raw or after being soaked in juice or water and is a delicacy in Mexico. They are very easy to digest hence no need to have them ground. Due to a combination of these beneficial qualities, these seeds have found themselves in the favorite list of many. Slowly by slowly they are being included in various recipes due to their nutritive value.

Under room temperature, chia seeds can stay fresh for a very long time unlike other seeds. Actually, it is proven that organic chia seeds can stay fresh and in their natural state for about two years. This is the special quality that made it a popular seed for the ancient Asian people. It was also an ideal food for long distances as it could keep them full and remains fresh for longer periods too.

Organic food can never be compared to artificially grown food. It is in their natural state that they are guaranteed to give you the optimal health benefits and reduce chances of illness from pesticides. Organic food is also naturally grown to allow the natural process and duration to naturally occur.


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