Omega 3 in Chia Seeds: Serve the Chia Seed as Healthy and Tasty Medicine


Omega 3 in Chia SeedsNowadays, some medical experts popularize Chia seed. They recommend people to consume it. According to particular research, this seed is truly powerful source of nutrition in which people can take the advantages of it. Health benefits are offered by this seed. One of the reasons is that the researchers find that there is omega 3 in Chia seeds. They have calculated that the seed contains approximately 20% omega 3 ALA. Compared to salmon, this seed has eight times more omega 3. These become some reasons why this seed is getting popular for the times being.

From that research, it can be noticed that a lot of omega 3 is found in Chia seed. It comes to such conclusion in which people are directed into the understanding about omega 3. In medical science, omega 3 is very important for human health. It takes responsibility for body’s development and growth. In addition, it is also essential for brain function. It is able to reduce the risk factors which are associated with cancer, heart disease, or arthritis. From these benefits of omega 3, people directly know the advantages of Chia seed.

Regardless the fact that omega 3 in Chia seeds gives a lot of benefit for human health, it is a woman who takes much more advantages of this seed. It becomes healthy and natural solution for her weight loss program. Actually, the main function of this seed is to stabilize the metabolism. It reacts in the digestive system in which the process of digesting carbohydrate is getting slow. On the same time, this seed converts carbohydrate into sugar. As the result, it gives significant help for regulate the blood sugar prevents dips and wild peaks. In addition, the gelatinous mixture is able to make the digestive tract clean. The users will have a feeling of fullness. That is why this seed is considered as weight loss ingredient since it prevents people from consuming more food.

Now the question is how to consume the Chia seed. In this case, people can directly take the seed. On the other hand, there are various ways in which this seed can be consumed deliciously. One of them is making the Chia seed into gel. By adding some water, the Chia seed will turn to be gel. However, people have to know the measure between the seed and water. In order to make a gel, one part Chia seed has been to be added with 9 parts water.

Another way is by serving the seed with oatmeal. It is tasty for those who like eating oatmeal. Eating oatmeal will be crunchy because of the seed. Besides, the seed gel can be put on the baked cakes or soft cookies. It can get rid of the fat since the gel will reduce the saturated fat on the butter. Therefore, omega 3 in Chia seeds is not only losing the weight, but also blocking saturated fat coming inside of the body. It can be said that the Chia seed is not a medicine. Even though it is curing, it doesn’t have terrible taste. Correct serve will make it delicious to consume.


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