Nutritional Benefits of Chia Seeds


Chia seeds are nowadays a valuable nutritional supplement. They were once a staple diet of the native populations of Mexico and Southeastern United states. Their popularity has spread all over the world regarding their numerous health benefits. Many in the natural food industry call them a “super food”. The seeds are packed with minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients. Such a versatile package offers a powerful nutritional boosts and is one way through which people enjoy the nutritional benefits of chia seeds.

One of the many nutritional benefits of chia seeds is that they provide the body with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. An added advantage is that they offer these essential nutrients without any cholesterol content. A serving of 15g of chia seeds yields about 3g of Omega-3 and 1-g of Omega 6. The fatty acids are crucial for maintaining a healthy and strong body. They have also been shown to help prevent instances of cancer, heart diseases and other serious health conditions. Since the Omega fatty acids are not produced in the body, they must be obtained from diet intake and chia seeds make this possible.

Another nutritional benefit availed by chia seeds is that they are rich in antioxidants such as quercetin, caffeic acid and vitamin C. they also contain essential minerals in significant quantities. For instance, a serving weighing 15 grams provides the body with 160 milligrams of phosphorus, 105 milligrams of potassium, 107 milligrams of calcium and 2.4 milligrams of iron. There is also significant amount of zinc.

Twenty percent of chia seed components are protein. More importantly, this protein is a complete one unlike other vegetable proteins. B vitamins are also found in chia seeds. They also contain about twenty percent of all the dietary fiber that the body needs each day. Specifically, a 25 gram serving contains about 7 grams of fiber.

In digestion, chia seeds slow down the digestion of carbohydrates. This also slows their rate of conversion into sugar. This helps in the regulation of blood sugar which prevents wild dips and peaks. Its digestion also helps clean up the digestive tract which provides a feeling of fullness which in turn aids in weight loss.

If you don’t want to be tempted to take an afternoon nap, chia seeds can aid you by helping you feel energized all day long. They raise the energy levels in the body since they contain complete protein. Other proteins such as peanut butter are not complete and have to be complemented by other proteins. Chia seeds protein is complete and hence sufficient for the body. They give the body a combination of vitamins, complete proteins, a blood-balancing gel and minerals that work together to ensure you have a steady and sufficient energy supply all day.

The nutritional benefits of chia seeds are undoubtedly numerous. They are worth consuming in order to be well nourished, energetic and healthy. These seeds provide the body with what it needs unlike other foods which only provide it with a few nutrients. Consuming chia seeds guarantees a healthy and energetic body; they are simply amazing!


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