Nutritional and health benefits of Chia Seeds


Chia seeds come from Salvia hispanica, a plant that is traditionally grown in Mexico. Many people do not really know what it is and what it does, but this seed has been featured in several Mexican tales as being the food for the tribe of runners. It comes in two varieties, black and white but each of them contains the same number of nutrients. Chia seeds can be eaten raw, or dry. Dry Chia can be ground just to boost its utility, but this is not essential. Ground Chia seeds can be used as a main ingredient for several healthy recipes including pudding; you just need to be a little more creative when cooking. The following are some of the health and nutritional benefits of this superfood.

Nutritional facts of Chia Seeds

Whether raw or ground, Chia seeds contain the following nutrients:

Omega-3 fatsFiberProteinAntioxidantsCalciumIronNiacinEFAMagnesiumZincPhosphorousBoron

It is gluten free, and thus vegetarian friendly. It is a superfood for everyone who is in need of optimum healthy. It is also highly soluble in water, an attribute that make it an essential superfood in the diet of runners and also boost its medicinal value. Its Glycemic Index is 1, which make it among the most effective foods for weight loss.

Health benefits of Ground Chia seeds

Chia seeds have similar nutritional and health benefits to flax seeds, but their major advantage is that they have a longer life. This longer life is attributed to the fact that Chia has more antioxidants than flax seeds.

One of the health benefits of this superfood is that it reduces and can even heal inflammation, due to its high concentration of Omega-3. This nutrient also helps the seeds to delay the aging process and also neutralize the effects of free radicals thus preventing the development of various types of cancer and cell damage.

The antioxidants found in Chia seeds play major roles in the body. Other than increasing the shelf life of ground Chia Seeds, these substances are essential for the strengthening of the immunity system, heart health, metabolism system and other processes within the body.

Ground Chia seeds can be used to form a gel that is in turn used to hydrate the body especially during athletics and other forms of exercise. This gel can also be useful in weight loss programs because it has the potential to limit the absorption of calories.

Chia Seeds stabilize blood sugar. They reduce the metabolism rate of carbohydrates and thus contribute towards the levels of sugar in your blood. The natural fiber found in these seeds also plays a major role in stabilizing the blood sugar.

Research shows that taking this super food daily for three consecutive months can help with blood thinning and thus reducing your risk of blood pressure as well as clotting problems.

Chia can boost your mood and thus reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Other than improving your concentration, Chia can also work on the transmitters responsible for happiness and thus making you to look happier than you really are or were. Happiness is the secret ingredient for healthy relationships and sound judgment because you are not thinking or acting under pressure.

The fiber found in Chia helps solve most of the metabolism problems such as indigestion and constipation.

It boosts your energy levels without making you fat. A tablespoonful of ground Chia seeds can help you to generate enough energy to sustain you for 24 hours. The working people can boost their performance at work tremendously by taking Chia Seeds daily because of the high levels of protein and carbohydrates they contain. This energizing effect of Chia is what makes it good for long distance runners. In fact, people who take it before endurance sports perform optimally compared to those who do not.

It lowers your cholesterol levels and thus safeguards your heart health. Chia contains fiber which helps convert LDL cholesterol into bile. This reduces the amount of cholesterol in your blood and thus contributes towards optimum functioning of the heart. Taking Chia helps create a balance between bad cholesterol and good cholesterol.

They help with natural cleansing of the body. They help cleanse the colon and absorb the harmful substances that could be contained in your body. They also lubricate the rectum and large intestines thus preparing the way for their excretion.

They boost the functioning of the brain and stimulate your memory for more concentration and focus. Chia seeds contain EFA, a substance that is known to work on the cell membranes and thus making nerve transmission efficient.

Chia contributes towards making you healthy and strong. The fatty acids found in this superfood boost the absorption of vital vitamins, especially Vitamin K, E, A and D and thus help you to achieve optimum health. These vitamins are required for better vision, healthier and smooth skin as well as prevention of deficiency diseases such as rickets.

It boosts the absorption of calcium and thus contributes towards the development of strong bones. This is facilitated by the boron found in Chia Seeds.

Chia leads to the development of beautiful and attractive skin because of the fatty acids it contains. These fatty acids are also responsible for the development of longer hair and healthy nails. The Zinc it contains also plays a major role in the development of healthy hair, nails and skin.

The Low GI of this superfood helps boost your weight loss program. Low GI foods stay in the stomach for longer hours thus making you to feel fuller most of the time. This fullness helps reduce your craving for sweets and junk, and thus make it possible for you to maintain healthy weight.

If you would like to derive the benefits of this super food, take it in its ground form. Ground Chia seeds can be used with water, milk, soup, or salad. Adding the powder in your food will make it more healthy and nutritious, and unlike most herbs, Chia will not give your food a bitter taste. If you wish to make Chia Jell, leave the solution to stand for 30 minutes.


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  • Booker88 says:

    Honestly, when I thought of “chia” anything in the past, my mind went to Chia Pets! ha ha! I had no idea of the health benefits they offer. After reading about all what it offered, I went to the local health food pantry and bought some ground chia seeds. I’m only one week into taking it, but am looking forward to feeling the full effects!

  • Tina Jenson says:

    Thank you so much for writing about the powers of the chia! 😀 My grandpa, oddly enough (he’s a health nut), turned me on to these wonderful little seeds. Not only have they given me more energy, but that thing you said about the skin is absolutely true! I have FAR healthier skin with a wonderful glow that I attribute to using these. I absolutely love them!!!

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