Make All-Natural And Healthy Chia Seed Gel In Two Simple Steps


Chia GelThe first thing you should know about chia seeds is that they are not a new concept. They have been around for centuries, and ancient cultures used them for many purposes related to people’s health.

The reason you hear so much about them today is because more benefits have been discovered throughout time.A move towards natural supplements is taking the world by storm, and chia seeds are one of the top supplements.

These seeds are perfect for many cooking recipes as well, which have added to their popularity.These seeds can be ingested in a variety of ways, and one of the most popular ways to eat them is by making them into a gel. This chia seed gel can be added to smoothies, or it can be a secret and healthy ingredient in just about any dish.

The Aztecs used to use this chia seed gel to help boost their energy, which you can imagine was much needed the way they lived. Once the chia seeds are made into a gel, the gel is good for three weeks if stored properly. This means you don’t have to worry too much about the gel going bad.Now there are several different ways to make chia seed gel. However, it’s very simple, and the easiest way is going to be explained first.

chia seedsYou have your chia seeds that you want to make into gelatin, and now what you need is a small jar or container that is able to be sealed. What you do next is mix a desirable amount of chia seeds in the water and seal the container.

After shaking the container of water and chia seeds for 15 seconds, you allow the container to sit for just a minute. Then, you shake the container an additional 15 seconds. Next, you place the container in the refrigerator, and you wait for the seeds and water to mesh and become a gelatin substance.

This normally takes approximately 10 minutes, and of course all you have to do is take a good look at the substance to make sure the process has worked completely.As you get used to using chia gel in recipes, this process of turning them into gel becomes a lot easier of course. If you are thinking about using them in smoothies, people normally add a tablespoon or two of the chia seed gel.

You can also add the chia seed gel to pudding, and there are many ways to mix it with all-natural supplements to maximize the health benefits. For instance, one review states that the chia seed gel was put with wheat grass juice and honey, consumed by using a spoon. Chia seed gel is also a great extra ingredient for yogurt. Chia seeds are all-natural, so they are safe for children as well, which generally enjoy them with fruit juice.

chocolateRemember how they can be added to pudding? Add them to your chocolate pudding, and you’ve got some healthier pudding to share with the family for sure.

The great thing about chia seeds is how powerfully healthy they are, while at the same time being all-natural and incognito when added to recipes.

When you do add them to things in which they affect they taste, they are definitely a positive addition. Chia seeds can also be cooked into a gel, but of course this takes a few additional steps compared to just shaking them in water to form the mixture.

However, there is a really good reason to gel them in this way, and that is when you are using the chia seeds for specific recipes where the seeds gel up when cooking.For example, this is often true when baking a recipe and using the seeds. Furthermore, the chia seeds can be substituted for certain ingredients.

When they are substituted for eggs in certain recipes for baking, they gel up just like the eggs would do to form a cake or similar baked treat. The only difference really is that the entire process of gelling the seeds is done at once by mixing all the ingredients together and baking.

eggAdditionally, many chia seed recipes where the seeds are substituted for other ingredients like the eggs actually call for the mixture to be made using the first method described.

All you do again is simply put the chia seeds in a sealed container with water and shake them two rounds for 15 seconds apiece.

Chia seeds are full of healthy antioxidants, and they contain many other nutrients that are important to bodily function as well.The ancient Aztecs used them for energy remember, and they are also full of essential omega 3 fatty acids. They are also a really good way to include enough protein, calcium and fiber in your daily diet.


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