Learn About The Chia Seed Nutrition in This Article


Chia seed is one of the most popular food products because it contains high amount of essential nutrients for our body. Many people use this product in order to improve their health. In this article, people can see the chia seed nutrition facts that make this ingredient become very powerful for our health. Here are some essential nutrients that are contained in Chia seeds.

1. Omega 3

This is the main reason why many people love consuming chia seeds. They contain high amount of omega 3. Some doctors believe that the amount of omega 3 in chia seeds is almost 8 times more than the omega 3 in salmon. Chia seeds are much better than salmon because they do not contain any toxic metal compounds and high cholesterol levels. Because of that reason, people love consuming chia seeds every day. People need to consume enough omega 3 in their diets because this compound is very important to improve their brain functions. Omega 3 is also very useful to act as the antioxidant. A good antioxidant can be used to prevent any cancers.

2. Calcium

This is another important ingredient that can be found in chia seed. This product contains high amount of calcium that is needed by human body to grow and develop properly. It is recommended to consume chia seeds every day in order to fulfill our daily calcium requirements. Chia seed contains almost 5 times more calcium than fresh milk. Chia seeds are very effective to prevent any calcium deficiency health issues, including osteoporosis.

3. Protein

Chia seed also contains high amount of protein. This seed has 23 percent of protein. This percentage is higher than any other traditional high protein foods, such as wheat, corn, rice, oats, and also barley. Protein is very needed for building our muscle, repairing any damaged cells, and also improving our brain function. Some doctors believe that protein is the main chia seed nutrition.

4. Fiber

Chia seed is very good for our health because it contains high amount of fiber. It contains more fiber than any other fiber-rich food products, including wheat, barley, corn, rice, oats, and any other food products. Fiber is very important for supporting the digestive system. That is the reason why people should consume enough fiber regularly. Fiber can also help people reduce their weight effectively because they can improve the body metabolism rate.

5. Iron

This product is very popular because it contains high amount of iron. Chia seeds contain more iron than any other traditional iron-rich food products, including lentils, spinach, or beef liver. Iron is very important for our health because it can help the production of red blood cells in the human body. It is recommended to consume chia seeds in order to fulfill the daily iron requirement.

Those are some important nutrients that can be found in Chia seeds. After learning about the chia seed nutrition, people should understand that it is very beneficial to consume this ingredient in a regular basis. People can consume chia seeds as the whole product or in the food supplements.


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