Increase Your Super Foods Consumption With Organic Chia Seeds

Currently organic chia seeds seem to be the hottest health “products” on the market and millions are being led to believe that they are packed with nutrients, and can easily work miracles on the body. Let’s have a close look at the facts. What’s there in chia seeds that makes them so wonderful?

Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids

Most of the people think of Omega-3 fatty acids, or oils as ‘that healthy fish oil”. However, you can even get Omega-3 oils from organic chia seeds as they are richest source of this important fatty acid. Just 2 tablespoon servings of these seeds has 543mg of Omega-3, which is around 37 percent of recommended daily intake for men and about 47 percent for women. Actually, chia seeds have perfectly balanced Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. This is great as they both are dependent on each other for better absorption in the body. They are quite important for maintenance and protection of cardiovascular system.

High amounts of protein and antioxidants 

Organic chia seeds also contain high amounts of complete protein, which helps in raising your body’s energy level. As chia seeds have complete protein, minerals, and vitamins, this combines into a food source that can provide you lots of energy from one single source and will keep your charged for a long time. This protein is highly superior in quality to corn, wheat, barley, oats, rice, flax, soy, or amaranth.

Orgainic chia seeds are also rich in antioxidants. In fact, with regular consumption of chia seeds, you will be in a much better position to fight diseases and illnesses. Aside from antioxidants, chia seeds are rich in caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, quercetin, myricetin, and flavonols.

The high amount of anti-oxidants helps in preventing any free radical damage in your body. If free-radicals are allowed to reside in your body for a long time, it may lead to much weaker immune system, rise in inflammations, and onset of disease in the body. With the consumption of chia seeds, you get large supply of pure antioxidants that help in absorbing free radicals.

EFAs hates the elements

However, in order to get maximum benefits from organic chia seeds, you should keep them away from excessive heat, light and oxygen as they can get damaged due to long exposure to these elements. If you are not sure how chia seeds have been stores after they’d been picked, you may end up consuming damaged totally damaged fat molecules that won’t do you any good.

Furthermore, in stores these seeds may be kept on shelves for a long duration, and may suffer degradation there. However, this issue is often overlooked and people end up buying wrong chia seeds as they are not aware of the delicate nature of fasts available from oils, omega 3 and omega 6 seeds.

What about the pesticide content in these seeds?

Well, pesticides often accumulate in fats, and if your chia seeds are not organic, you may expose yourself to this danger. Same is true with other nuts or seeds, if not organic, they will definitely have significant pesticide content. It is very important for you to avid pesticides as it hampers the proper functioning of central nervous system, and also disturbs the endocrine system, which keeps your hormones in top condition.

Why are organic chia seeds great for losing weight?

The small black & white chia seeds have an amazing gelling action. When you put organic chia seeds in water, they will expand after some time and seeds will form a kind of coating around themselves. Therefore, when these seeds reach your stomach cavity, they will again gel and you won’t feel hungry for a long time. This gel has no flavor or calories. For this reason, you can easily mix these seeds with other foods. Many people add chia seeds to soothies to give viscocity to smoothies even at room temperature.

Can you bake with these essential seeds?

As organic chia seeds are delicate and can get damaged when exposed to heat and light, using them in breads or baking with them in cookies, breads, or other baked cereals will damage them too. Therefore, it’s best to have organic chia seeds in their natural form as they are filled with lots of goodness that is straightaway absorbed by your body.

How much Omega-3 is available from uncrushed seeds?

Seeds are encased in hard shells that protect them from any oxidative damage that may occur to their precious oils inside if they are exposed to heat, light or oxygen. This means that swallowing them won’t get you the necessary nutrients. So you may have to somehow crush them to get access to the nutrients inside them.

A test was conducted on organic chia seeds to ascertain the amount of true metabolizable energy available from them when they are crushed vs. when these seeds are left whole. These results also gave an indication on how much EFA’s are there in them when they present in either of these two forms. When these seeds were crushed they provided 4, 289 kilocalories/ kilogram, of energy, whereas uncrushed chia seeds provided only 973 kilocalories. This is a big difference, especially if you want to relying on organic chia seeds for all your omega-3 requirements. In uncrushed form, you won’t get enough EFA from them. So the best option is to get fresh chia seeds and then crush them before eating.

Therefore, if you find organic chia seeds, that haven’t been exposed to large amounts of heat, light or oxygen, and have been properly stored, you can use them in moderation, sprinkle them over salads, or in your smoothies. You can also enjoy them in a plain glass of water, after soaking for few hours or overnight. This may also help in cleaning your digestive system. However, you will have to take them with a spoon as they will swell and bond when you’ll soak them in water.

Organic chia Seeds are “Super Foods”, that are commercially planted and grown by cultivators around the world. You can buy Chia is available in many organic food stores. If you want a fresh supply of organic chia seeds, you can also buy them from many online stores that offer them at competitive rates.