How to Eat Chia Seeds

Chia seeds come from the Salvia family of herbs. These seeds have a history of health and fitness that has surpassed many plants in the field. Chia seeds were known to be used by the Aztecs and the Mayans for the purpose of energy boosting and also treatment of joints and muscles among other ailments. These seeds have become common for the athletes that want that extra shot of energy. There are many answers to how to eat Chia seeds effectively. Chia seeds are consumed orally. Do not mix these up with the Salvia Divinorium seeds which can be smoked as hallucinogens for a high or for meditation purposes. Chia seeds should not be used up in any other way. The seeds are packed with nutritional value that makes them one of the best options for losing weight. They come with about 25% to 30% extractable oil. These omega 3 fatty acids are one of the most powerful ingredients for these seeds. The small seeds look like flax seeds but with high nutritional value. They contain more fiber than flax seeds. One teaspoon is known to contain 46calories and 4grams of carbohydrates. Chia seed are known to treat arthritis, inflammations and heart diseases along with weight loss. These seeds do not need to be ground for them to be edible.

They easily gel in liquids making them a famous thickens. The fact that they are mildly flavored makes them a welcome addition to almost any meal. This includes drinking water Chia seeds have been used for a long term by the Japanese and the Chinese to treat and cure diseases. They are inclusive in many supplements for the purpose of weight loss. They are also known to be a perfect body cleanser. These seeds have also been recommended by doctors for diabetics as they balance the blood sugar levels giving a healthy state of the same. The seeds contain other nutrients and minerals like phosphorus, calcium, manganese and tocopherols which are antioxidants. These are perfect substitutes for most of the seed based carbohydrates like wheat, maize and rice. They will also substitute oatmeal and other carbohydrate based grains. Chia seeds can be eaten raw by chewing them like simsim seeds. They can also be ground or mixed with anything as previously stated and still maintain or improve the flavor of what was being prepared.

a) Chia seeds can be used with water directly. Put a spoonful or slightly more to your drinking water and give it a few minutes to settle. These seed soon turn into a gel like mass that is a perfect drink. This is great for losing weight as it gives one a full stomach feeling due to its ingredients. It will also lower your appetite making you eat less without hunger pangs during the period. The water can be drank once or twice a day with the body still enjoying the high level of nutrition that comes with Chia seeds.

b) Chia seeds can also be added to juices for an extra punch and for their nutritive value. The fact that they have a mild taste makes them a perfect addition. If you do not mind some gelatinous touch on your juice, this is a perfect addition that will see to it that you get fuller faster and work towards a weight loss factor.

c) Chia seeds can also be added to milk and smoothies. This is a perfect blend. You will not even notice that the seeds and in the smoothie. Sprinkle a little or spoonful to your smoothie or milk and stir as the seeds settle and turn to gel. This is a perfect way to thicken your smoothie or milk. These seeds have a mild but pleasant taste adding some flavor and delight to your mix.

d) Then seeds also make a perfect baking inclusion. They can be effectively used in place of eggs for more nutritive value. They are perfect baking ingredients and do not lose their nutritive value with heat. The seeds can be sprinkled after a cake is done, mixed with the cream for dressing or even beaten with the rest of the ingredients during baking. They blend perfectly well making baking bliss. They are also used to add color and some sort of grainy design to the cakes.

e) They are perfect thickeners when it comes to ice creams and custards. Custard in itself is a thickener. Some Chia seeds can be used where it is supposed to be used as a good substitute. It is much healthier in that it contains less fat and more calories.

f) Chia seeds are used effectively as salad dressings. They can also be used directly to sprinkle on salads. They make a perfect substitute for salad dressings with high nutritive value and a similar thickening. You will not even notice their presence in this case scenario.

g) The seeds are a great addition to meat products. It does not matter whether you are roasting, frying or boiling the meats. These seeds will add up perfectly well adding some flavor and healthy touch to your meats. You can sprinkle them in stew or on roasted meats be it chicken, lamb or beef. They are a good way to keep diseases like gout and weight gain away while enjoying red meats.

h) The possibilities of how to eat Chia seeds are immense. They can be added to almost anything that is cooked or raw. Potatoes, fruit blend and drinks are just but a few of them. The nutritive value remains in all aspects of any meal done. The fact that the seeds are affordable makes them easily available and perfectly usable in any home scenario. In case of inflammations, these seeds can be rubbed on the swelling to calm down any of these problems. This is perhaps why they are perfect for people with arthritis.

The Chia seeds will go a long way to keep diseases that come with unhealthy eating. They need to be a part of your meals in a day. You can eat as many Chia seeds as possible without developing any complications along the way. This makes them a great addition to your daily diet.