How to eat chia seeds…Your comprehensive guide

No doubt, you may have come across the subject of chia seeds from the internet or through broadcast media such as television. Chia is a tiny edible seed which is black and white in color. Historical sources suggest that the plant has been in use for long period in the past due to its benefit to the human body.
Why eat chia seeds?

● Powerful anti-oxidant properties

Chia is a very stable compound that can be stored for a period of up to five years without it going bad. It is very advantageous over the flax seed as it does not turn rancid as the flax does. Additionally, all its nutrients and flavor stay intact during the storage period.

● Mild taste

Boasting of a mild and minty taste, the chia seed can be combined with almost any other food. This has seen its use in pudding, smoothies, sauces and various other recipes.

● Flushes out toxins in the body

When consumed, Chia seeds clean out the digestive tract while they are undergoing process of digestion. They are known to dislodge and clear wastes stuck along the stomach walls thereby cleaning the stomach. Those with difficulties in digestion will find this seed useful.

● Important to weight loss

Intake of chia seeds have been shown to help people to cut their weight. Once chia seeds are in the stomach, they absorb a lot of water and therefore make a person feel full for a long period of time. Additionally, they slow down the digestion process hence eliminating the need to eat more often.

Below are ways on how you can eat chia seeds for the benefit of your health.

● Drink chia seeds

Chia seeds can be put in a glass or a bottle of water. It is highly recommended that these chia seeds be left to sit in water for 2-3 minutes. This will allow them to soak properly. There are many other beverages that chia seeds can be mixed with and consumed for example, yoghurt, orange juice and even coffee.

A popular combination is made of fruit juice, chia seeds and yoghurt. Unsweetened yoghurt is the best in this case. Chia seeds are left to soak completely in the fruit juice and afterwards mixed with the unsweetened yoghurt. It brings out a nicely toned effect of the three.

Ideally, you can mix chia seeds directly with the yoghurt. Both ways mentioned above are great ideas to make drinks out of chia seeds. The combination chosen lies solely on the tastes and preferences of a person.

● Chia seeds for puddings

Puddings are a great way to consume chia seeds. Grind the chia seeds and add to hot or cold milk. Soy milk or coconut milk can also be used in place of the normal milk. Leave the mixture for about 15 minutes so that a gel is formed. Honey and chopped bananas can be added to increase the thickness of the mixture.

You can consume it hot or cold after cooling. However, preparing it warm is the best because the chia seeds will easily form a gel with increased temperature. You can then refrigerate it if you prefer to have it very cold. Kids will particularly love this mix if milo is added to it. More so, raspberries can be added to the mixture to increase its sweetness.

● Smoothies

Smoothies are among the easiest ways to consume the chia seed on daily basis. Soak the seeds in a juice to soften them. You should leave them to soak for more than 15 minutes so that a gel is formed. During the soaking time, ensure that you stir them so that they do not clamp together.

Thickness of this mixture can be reduced by adding juice. However, remember that the longer you leave the chia seeds to soak, the thicker they become. Therefore, keep watch and stir regularly so that you identify the level of thickness that you want.

The gel produced can be added to orange or apple juice. Once you mix them together the cream that forms can be eaten or stored in a tin for later use.

● Soups

Gels made from chia seeds can be added to different soups and consumed. You do not need to add the gel while cooking .Instead, once the soup is ready, add the gel and consume.

Additionally, if you want to thicken the soup, make a thicker gel or a paste which you add in small quantities. For a cold soup, soak the chia seeds together with the soup you are making and leave them to soak. Stir to prevent clamping of the seeds.

Chia seeds can also be used to make vegetable broth. Simply add the seeds to vegetable stock and leave them to soak. Heat and add some few spices and enjoy. This a healthy meal and can be prepared quite quickly.

● Chia for cookies and cakes

Seeds are ground and added to the flour used for preparing cakes. In cases where liquids are used for baking, chia seed gel can be made and mixed with these liquids. They are quite advantageous since they form thick pastes. This means that little flour will be used.

● Spreads

Most commonly, the chia seeds are mixed with the ingredients such as oil and honey. Almonds or berries can also be used. They are blended together until a soft paste is formed. Honey is just a sweetener which can be left out.

The paste formed can be put in a tin and stored in a refrigerator .This is a tasty spread that will give you a daily serve of the healthy chia seed.

● Chia seed for savory dishes

Stir fry sauces can be made from chia seeds. It is a simple and an interesting way to consume the chia seed. Before cooking, it is important to know that chia seeds need to soften completely. It is advisable that you add the chia seeds to a liquid to soften them. After softening, add the chia seeds to the sauce and start cooking.

The thickness of chia seed paste makes it very popular in making such sauces since it eliminates the need for adding thickeners such as flour.

● Eat them whole
It is very healthy for chia seeds to be eaten whole. You can also sprinkle the seeds on top of salads, pasta or steamed vegetables.

Armed with information and tips on how to consume the chia seeds, use your creativity to make even more customized recipes that suit your taste.