How Much Chia Seed Should You Consume A Day?


chia seedsAs you start to plan a much more healthy diet to accommodate your goals of perhaps losing weight, or simply having more energy throughout the day.

A very beneficial type of seed that you should add to the meals that you are planning our Chia seeds.

Known most famously for the Chia pets of yesteryear, they are now known for something that is much more definitive. They are considered to be one of the top super foods that are grown and used on a regular basis, something that has been utilized even by ancient cultures hundreds of years ago.

The amount of these seeds that you eat can play a role in helping you obtain your dietary goals if that’s what you are planning to do. Let’s look at how much Chia seed you should consume every day if you want to get the most benefit out of these seeds that are part of the mint family.

The Growth Of Chia

chia seedsChia seeds have come a long way in the last few years, especially due to extensive advertising and a notoriety that has been essentially created by well-respected doctors and nutritionists.

Constantly counting on the many benefits that they provide, they have become iconic in terms of being a superfood that everyone should eat.

There are quite a few natural ingredients that you would otherwise have to consume by eating multiple types of food, packed into one tiny little seed.

The protein, fiber, carbohydrates, and the omega-3 fatty acids alone provide every reason imaginable for adding these to your diet. What you will want to consider next is the vitamins and minerals that are part of these seeds, some of which provide you with the daily recommended dose. It just depends on how much Chia you are actually consuming on a regular basis in order to benefit the most from this product.

How Much Chia Should You Consume Each Day?

chia seedsAlthough there is no known study that would state that you could actually take too much Chia during any given day, you have to use common sense when consuming the seeds just as you would any other type of food.

However, there is a minimal amount that you should consider taking if you want to improve your health and also start losing additional weight. The amount of weight that you lose will be dependent upon if you are consuming Chia prior to every meal because of what it is able to do.

An example of this would be taking a handful of Chia seeds 15 minutes before you start eating, along with a glass of water. As they begin to absorb the water, and are digested in the stomach, this will provide a buffer for the food that you are about to consume. It will slow down the carbohydrates absorption into the bloodstream, and also make you feel more full.

The protein aspect of Chia can help increase your metabolism, and the omega-3 fatty acids, along with the vitamin B component, can improve your overall mental well-being which can lead to less of a desire to snack. All of these components are necessary when looking at how much Chia you should actually have each day.

Proper Dosages Per Age Group

chia seedsIt is recommended that you take 20 g of Chia every day for adults, and 18 g for teenagers, with only a tablespoon for children under 10.

By taking these recommended dosages, you should start to see the benefits that this seed can provide, the reasons that so many people take it on a regular basis.

Now that you have this information, it is time for implementation, so that you can start improving the way that you feel, lose weight, and also improve the way that your body functions.

Now that you know exactly what to do when it comes to taking Chia on a regular basis to improve your health, lose weight, and increase your metabolism using the recommended dosages.

It is literally a superfood, one that should be used by every person that is concerned about their health. Based upon these guidelines, you can now consider ways to integrate these seeds into your everyday diet so that you can improve your health dramatically.


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