Health Benefits of Chia Seeds -The Nature’s Best Superfood!


In the past three years, millions of people have become aware of amazing health benefits of chia seeds, and it has emerged as the hottest superfood for people of all genders and age groups. Considering their multiple health benefits, now people believe that they are the best seeds with wonderful health benefits. Let’s have a close look at the contents of chia seeds and why they are in such a high demand.

Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 EFA (essential fatty acids), and these seeds have high amounts of omega-3’s than other seeds. In fact, their Omega-3 content is about 19 percent more than flax seeds. Also, chia seeds have Omega-6 fatty acids in right ratio. Aside from that, these seeds are also rich in calcium and magnesium.

One of the best health benefits of chia seeds is that the balanced amounts of Omega-3 and Omega-6 helps in better balance in the body. Individually, they cannot be synthesized by the body, so they need each other for better absorption. If you cannot get them in your diet, you are deficient.

Another health benefits of chia seeds is that they also supplement the dietary fiber intake. As lot of people eat refined food, they do not get the right amounts of fiber in their diet. Therefore, consuming chia seeds on regular basis can ensure supply of necessary nutrients and dietary fiber ensuring good digestive health and general well-being.

If you feel weak and dehydrated while playing sprot, you must include organic chia seeds in your daily diet. These seeds can hold more than 8 times their weight in water, so you can keep yourself hydrated by taking these seeds on regular basis. This way, you can have a huge advantage over your competitors. Aside from that, huge amounts of nutrients and minerals can also keep you energized throughout the day.

Why organic chia seeds are best for losing weight?

The black & white chia seeds come with an excellent gelling action. When you soak them in water, they expand and form a coating around themselves. When you eat these seeds, they again gel in your stomach and you will feel full for a long time. Best thing is that there are no calories or flavor in the gel. If you want, you can also mix these seeds in smoothies at the room temperature.

Chia seeds have a hard outer covering which protects the seeds from any oxidative damage to the oils inside them when they are exposed to light and heat. Therefore, you won’t get the benefits by swallowing the seeds. The best approach is to crush them to get all the nutrients present inside them.

In conclusion

Therefore, to get regular supply of nutrients and EFAs, you should buy organic chia seeds that are not exposed to light and heat. They can even be processed at home, and you can add them in moderation to your smoothies, porridge and salads.

You can also enjoy health benefits of chia seeds by taking them in a simple glass of water, after soaking them overnight. This is best for your digestive track, especially needs a cleanout. You can also eat them using a spoon until you feel full.


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