Few Properties and Benefits of Organic Chia Seeds


Salvia hispanica, commonly called as Chia belongs to the mint family and is very popular in all over the world. This super food has stormed the market with its huge health benefits. Touted for its high content of omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants, the Chia seeds have been the staple food of the southwest Indians and Mexicans.

The organic Chia seeds have exceptional hydrophilic properties which help them absorb more than 12 times its weight in water. This property is attributed to water holding ability of the seeds which thereby prolong hydration in athletes. The soaked seeds of the organic Chia are gelatinous in nature and make it the most ideal for use in porridges, puddings and gruels. Also, ground forms of these organic seeds are used in baked products like bread, cakes and biscuits. With 30% of the Chia seed oil being the omega 3 oil and 10% of it being the omega 6 oil, this makes the perfect combination for the essential fatty acids. With so many beneficial qualities, the organic Chia is being recommended as a dietary fiber and omega 3 supplements.

Benefits of Organic Chia Seeds

The properties of Organic Chia are a proof to the huge number of benefits it offers to our body.

1. Promotes cardiovascular health – Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, organic Chia helps in maintaining the blood pressure and reducing the bad cholesterol levels, thereby facilitating proper functioning of the heart and its blood vessels.

2. Supports weight loss – When used sensibly, Chia seeds help in shedding the extra fat by cutting down the cravings and supporting weight loss substantially. The high fiber content of this seed gives a feeling of fullness for many hours which would prevent you from munching the extra calories. Also, the energy offered by its healthy ingredients like calcium, vitamins and minerals, help in performing physical exercises at ease, further facilitating the weight loss program.

3. Control over blood sugar level – There is some good news for those affected by diabetics. The organic Chia’s combination of soluble and insoluble fiber slows the process of converting ingested starch to sugar, thereby helps maintain the blood sugar levels under control.

4. Improves digestion – As mentioned already, the seed’s ability to retain 12 times more water has helped in the retention of food which improves the overall digestive process. Also, the increased retention of foods in the digestive tract, facilitates the natural detoxification of toxins present in the food.

5. Enhances mobility – The high amount of calcium content is a direct attribution to the strength of the bones and joints. With Chia seeds having 6 times more Calcium than milk, it greatly assists in mobility of people with brittle bones.

6. Energy endurance – The water retention properties have helped this seed to be used by athletes to withstand long hours of dehydration that they are likely to endure during the long run. The combination of proteins, vitamins and minerals as well as blood sugar balancing gel all function together to ensure you’ve steady energy.

With benefits aplenty, the organic Chia seeds can replace less-healthy foods in salads, fruit shakes, cakes, muffins etc. for a healthier lifestyle.


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