Enjoying Chia Seed Health Benefits: What People Can Do to Improve Their Health


Lately, most medical and beauty experts are talking about the Chia seed health benefits. The seed may be similar to the flax seed, but they have different functions and also traits. Moreover, the seed is considered a new regime in helping people lose weight. It is already available as supplements as well as raw seed that are ready to consume. But people need to understand the seed first before they start thinking about consuming one.

Chia seed comes from a special plant, called as the Salvia Hispanica, which is a sage plant in mint family. The seed has been used since the ancient times. Aztec people had used the seeds for their regular meal consumption. The seeds are also grown in South America and Latin and have been consumed by the indigenous people there. In fact, warriors from ancient times were believed to gain their bravery and strength from the seeds. They would have carried little packets containing the seeds whenever they were going on battles or special conquest. The seeds are considered great because it is rich in mineral and vitamins, as well as fatty acids Omega 3. Not only they can be used to treat different ailments, they are also considered tasty additions for cooking. The seeds are also rich in magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorous, calcium, manganese, and fiber. That’s why the seeds are considered great to help people lose weight.

One of the benefits of consuming the Chia seed is to lose weight. When the seed is mixed with water, it will form a gel in half an hour. When you consume the seed, it will naturally form a gel within the digestive system which will slow down the process. It will slow down the absorption of carbs and create better control for blood sugar. People won’t experience unsteady up and down of blood sugar anymore, which is usually responsible for the desire to crave or binge. The gel form also helps making people feel full for longer term and cleaning the digestive organs thoroughly. So, what the others Chia seed health benefits?

– First of all, it helps controlling the body sugar level, so the body won’t be easily ‘confused’ with the sudden spike and down of the level.

– It also contains high level of Omega 3, which is good for the heart. People can avoid suffering from diabetes or cardiovascular issue, thanks to the substance.

– The seed also has high level of antioxidants, which can help fight off early aging as well as other diseases caused by the free radicals.

– The seed can also help the body have better detoxifying process.

Moreover, the Chia seed is more versatile when consumed. Flax seed has to be crushed first before consumption, but the Chia seed can be consumed intact. In fact, the seed can be a great natural flavor enhancer that would add taste to whatever food or drink people consume. The seed can be mixed into foods, drinks, and even yoghurts or smoothies. Unlike flax seed, Chia seed doesn’t easily go rancid. Now that people have already understood the Chia seed health benefits, will they start consuming one on daily basis?


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