Eating Chia Seeds for Type 2 Diabetes


chia seeds One of the most prevalent diseases in the United States today is Diabetes. It can affect the way the body processes sugar throughout the day.

Some with the disease process their sugar too fast and others process it too slowly, either way, it’s not healthy and can cause a myriad of symptoms. Symptoms that can make a person very sick and uncomfortable.

As far back as the Aztecs, chia seeds have been used to improve strength and endurance. Today, we know that they are full of omega 3s, vitamins, antioxidants and many more important minerals that help to regulate the body system.

Originally from Mexico the chia seed comes from the plant Salvia. Salvia is an herbaceous plant that is in the mint family. An excellent source of protein, fiber and calcium as well as magnesium and iron this little seed packs a lot of important nutrients into one small ounce of food.

Chia SeedsAs chia seeds make their comeback, many are wondering just exactly what benefits this little seed has to offer them.

There are so many benefits that it’s almost impossible to list all of them but we’ve found some that you simply must know about. Chia seeds assist the body in regulating carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates, along with any sugar the person has eaten, can cause serious health issues to a diabetic. Most diabetics keep very close track of how much sugar they’ve eaten and how many carbohydrates they’ve eaten.

When chia seeds are eaten, they form a barrier inside of the stomach. The barrier assists the body by slowing down how much sugar crosses over to the blood stream. For a diabetic, this is important as it can help to regulate how their body is processing sugar and carbohydrates.

When the absorption of the sugar is regulated by the chia seeds, it can help to maintain their levels of glucose in their blood. If a diabetic has too much sugar, they may feel sick or weak. When a diabetic doesn’t have enough sugar in their system, they can go into a diabetic coma.

Chia seedsEither way, they don’t feel well and there condition is very serious. Adding chia seeds to the diet can help to maintain their blood sugar.

By using chia seeds in the diet they can better regulate their blood sugar and thus prevent either of the above scenarios from happening.

Chia seeds can actually aid the diabetic in their diet and help them to maintain their stable levels of glucose. This could mean fewer trips to the doctor and they may, with a doctors approval, be able to lower their medication dosages.

Never take chia seeds without first checking with your doctor if you’re a diabetic. Your doctor will need to check the dosage of your medications and monitor you carefully if you’re eating chia seeds on a daily basis. Nearly any recipe can have chia seeds added to it.

At one time, many cultures used chia seeds as a super food. Today, they are making a huge comeback in the United States and many diets are touting their beneficial uses. Chia seeds can readily be sprinkled onto any dish being served for dinner. They have a mildly nutty flavor and many say they don’t notice the flavor at all.

They can also be added to liquids but it’s very important to remember that they absorb up to ten times their weight in liquids so don’t add more than an ounce to anything or you could be eating chia gel.  Chia seeds can also be added to a breakfast drink or smoothie and provide a more nutritional breakfast. Try them on yogurt, breakfast cereal, casseroles and more for their healthy benefits.

omega 3As an omega 3, many prefer chia seeds over other fish oils as they don’t have a fishy taste after ingesting them.

As an added bonus, they actually have more omega 3s than a typical salmon steak. This is pretty hard to beat.

Since chia seeds don’t have to be ground as flax seeds do they are a great alternative to flax seeds and just as beneficial. While they can be ground if desired, most people simply sprinkle about an ounce on whatever they are eating twice per day for their healthy benefits.

They are ideal as a thickener in many recipes but again, remember to use them sparingly until you get the hang of it or you may be eating something a bit thicker than you had intended. Over the last decade chia seeds have enjoyed a huge surge in sales leading them to be called a super food.

Chia SeedsAlways start with a small amount of about one tablespoon and see how that works with your system. If that goes well then the dosage can be increased to two tablespoons per serving.

It’s important to remember that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing so don’t take more than two tablespoons at a time.

Chia seeds are one of the most safe and effective foods for treating many conditions including diabetes, blood pressure issues and cardiovascular issues.

Take a list of medications with you to your doctor and have a frank discussion of how chia seeds can benefit your health on a daily basis. You may well be surprised at the healthy benefits of one simple ounce twice per day of this super food.


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