Does Chia Seeds Speed Up Your Metabolism?


chia seedsOf all of the benefits that are associated with Chia seeds, one that seems questionable to many people is whether or not it can actually speed up your metabolism.

Your metabolism is simply representative of all of the chemical processes that are part of any living organism, specifically the state of your cells.There are only two components or categories to what your metabolism represents which includes catabolism and anabolism.

Catabolism represents how molecules are actually broken down so that energy can be produced for the cells. Anabolism is how everything is synthesized, specifically are needed by the cells in order to grow or reproduce.

The combination of all of these factors leads to the use of energy, and the faster that everything goes, this would be representative of a fast metabolism. The question that has been asked is whether or not Chia seeds can aid in this process in any way, and if they did, they should certainly be part of your everyday diet.

How Your Metabolism Help You Lose Weight

chia seedsUnderstanding the two components of your metabolism, you should see that a metabolism that is running fast is going to need a lot of energy.

That also means it will burn through all of the nutrients that are broken down in the stomach, and then subsequently in the small intestines where they are absorbed and taken to the cells of your body.

The faster it goes, the more nutrients will be utilized, and therefore you would not gain as much weight. This would be true even with consuming a significant amount of carbohydrates, all because your body would burn most of it up as fuel.

Why Chia Seeds Can Help With Weight Loss

Now Chia seeds can help with weight loss for a couple of different reasons. The first is because of its hydrolytic properties. Due to its ability to absorb over 10 times its size in water, once he gets into the stomach area, it can help you feel much more full then you actually are. This has nothing to do with actually causing your metabolism to increase, simply a way to prevent you from over eating.

But there is an indirect connection between less consumption of food and what the body has available in order to produce the energy that it needs. If you are eating less, especially less carbohydrates, your body has no other choice but to convert stored adipose cells into glucose. Glucose is the fuel that is used by the human body to be able to do all of these functions.

Chia seedsBy reducing the amount of carbs in your diet, and by limiting how quickly they are dispersed which Chia seeds can also accomplish due to the fiber that it contains.

You are essentially forcing your body when you are on a strict low-carb diet to burn off stored body fat every day. So how does this relate to increasing your metabolism? Let’s take a look at how Chia seeds can also do that.

Does Chia Seeds Speed Up Your Metabolism

The reason that Chia is able to boost your metabolism is because of the protein that it contains. If you are able to snack on Chia regularly throughout the day, your body will have to expend more energy in processing the protein.

Therefore, the reduction in carbohydrates that are available, and the slow delivery of carbs, in combination with the increase in protein that must be digested will force your body to run at a much higher rate, effectively increasing your metabolism.It is recommended that when you are using Chia to help you achieve your dietary goals, that you are using them on virtually every meal that you eat.

 chia seeds for weight Lose The benefit of using them is that they have virtually no taste, and therefore you will not notice them at all. This will help you get this additional protein into your diet which will ensure that your metabolism will stay running high.

The minimal amount of carbohydrates dispersed into the bloodstream will also force your body to burn off excess and stored, helping you to lose even more weight as long as you stay on a regimented low-carb high-protein diet.


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