Do Chia Seeds Lower Blood Pressure?


The times have changed from when people typically lived active lives and ate healthy diets regularly. Many people are now looking to change their poor dietary habits and stationary lives in favor of smarter, more healthful choices. This is mainly due to an influx of health issues in recent decades. blood-pressure-

One of the most common problems today is hypertension, or high blood pressure.

The fact that several types of hypertension are linked to different types of heart disease and heart attacks is what is causing a massive heath boom.

So many diet foods are claiming that they can lower blood pressure, but several are either ineffective or dangerous to rely on directly.

One superfood that has gained in popularity that many wonder about is chia seeds. They wonder whether or not chia seeds can lower blood pressure. The answer is that they can, but there are some precautions that need to be taken. Here is more information about it.

Chia seeds have been in the spotlight recently as a renowned new “superfood,” but the fact is that these little seeds are not new at all. In fact, they have been a staple for thousands of years dating back to the Mayan and Aztec civilizations. They were harvested and eaten regularly back in ancient times.

A few decades ago, they gained popularity in the western world as a novelty item via Chia Pets. These were little potters shaped like animals and pop culture cartoon characters. All you had to do was spread them in the holes on their heads and backs, water them, and watch them grow in green sprouts.

chia petWhile Chia Pets are still around, they have risen in popularity because of the health benefits. This harkens back to when they were originally consumed in ancient civilizations.

They found renewed popularity thanks to popular medical personnel on TV claiming touting their various health benefits, particularly Dr. Oz.

They are now harvested regularly in places like Australia and Latin America for the health food industry.

Chia seeds fit perfectly into the realm of a “diet-friendly” food. They contain an acceptable amount of calories and carbohydrates, and they are low in fat and sodium. They also contain a lot of protein and fiber, which makes them great for athletes to add to their healthy diets.

Chia seeds have many vitamins and minerals. They are an excellent source of zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and Omega-3 fatty acids. The fact that they contain a type of water soluble fiber makes them not only a healthy food to eat and feel satiated for hours, but one that can be used in both solid and liquid food applications.

It is easy to add these seeds to solids like salads or to liquids like smoothies. Since these seeds clump together when added to liquids or soft foods like oatmeal and pudding, they can easily keep you full for longer periods of time and with a smaller portion. In other words, a little goes a long way when you are adding chia seeds to your foods and beverages.

As for the link between chia seeds and treating high blood pressure, there have been numerous studies conducted to show that they have had a positive effect on sufferers. Numbers have been shown to decrease when eating chia seeds regularly.

One study involved individuals consuming between 33 and 41 grams of the seeds a day for 12 weeks. Many of these patients already had type 2 diabetes, which these seeds have also been shown to help.

There were two groups: one that ate the chia seeds and the other that ate wheat bran. After 12 weeks, the ones that consumed the chia seeds showed a drop in their systolic blood pressure numbers between 2 and 10 points.check-blood-pressure-

While those numbers sound promising for people that have hypertension, they may spell trouble for individuals that have hypotension, or low blood pressure.

Eating foods that have been found to significantly drop blood pressure in an individual that already has low blood pressure can pose a health risk.

Foods like chia seeds can deprive these individuals of necessary oxygen and nutrients causing all kinds of health problems or possibly death.

In summation, it is true that chia seeds have been shown to lower blood pressure in individuals that have hypertension or elevated blood pressure. While they have a long history as a “superfood” with many heath benefits, they are not a great addition to a low blood pressure sufferer’s diet.

Like many other heath related items, this is no substitute for medical means. They should not be considered a replacement for blood pressure medication and treatments.

They may be a good supplement to add to your diet, though. If you have high blood pressure and wish to add these seeds to your diet, you should speak to your doctor first to see if they are right for you.


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