Do Chia Seeds Dehydrate You Once Consumed?



 salvia hispanicaChia seeds are derived from a plant known as salvia hispanica. This seeds are more nutritious and very healthy for both young and old.

Another benefit of these seeds is that they are also used to treat certain diseases and conditions such as flu.

Lack of enough energy in the body and also for treating joints. What makes seeds capable of doings this is the elements that it contains.

What Do Chia Seeds Contain?

Chia seeds contain all the nutritional elements that your body requires. Starting with calories that weight approximately one point four ounce. By eating three tablespoon of chia seeds every day, you increase the amount of calories in your body by nine percent. However, you should be careful on how and when you consume this seeds so not to take too much volume for calories.

Another product that is found in this seeds is a type of fatty acid known as omega 3. These fatty acids are very important to your body because they lessen the risk of being diagnosed with heart diseases. The fatty acids prevent clogging of the arteries and enhances blood circulation. Another benefits of this seeds is that they prolong your appetite by not craving for food.

weight lossChia seeds also contain sodium, cholesterol and fat. You will find the lowest amount of fat in these seeds, which is one gram.

That is why these seeds are good for losing weight, since they produce everything.

The body needs except less amount of cholesterol and fat. The amount of cholesterol found in chia seeds is three hundred milligrams and the amount of sodium contained is six milligrams.

Carbohydrates, protein and fiber is also found in chia seeds. By taking three tablespoon of chia seeds every day, you will have increase seven grams of protein in your body. Another great benefit of these seeds is that they have five percent of carbohydrate and the amount of fiber contained is twenty five grams. Other products that are found in chia seeds are minerals and vitamins.

Do Chia Seeds Cause Dehydration?

Even though chia seeds have to be tested to be beneficial to the body. Some people are still curious about the fact that whether chia seeds cause dehydration or not?

That is because of the fact that these seeds are also highly effective when it comes to cochia seedsnsuming water. This causes constipation and bloating to the victims and can also lead to further complications if not treated in time.

However, other people have found chia seeds to be helpful in their body by enhancing bowel movement. Furthermore, according to nutritionist chia seeds are actually used as the number one remedy for constipation. These seeds can either cure or cause this type of problem depending on how you prepare them before consuming.

You can be able to minimize the harmful effects that are caused by chia seeds by preparing them the right way. Even though these seeds are good for your health and boost your immune system you should start off by consuming small amount of chia seeds. Especially if it is your first time. The best way to introduce chia seeds to your body is by soaking them first.

chia seedsAfter soaking your chia seeds before consuming, make sure you use a small dosage before your body can get used to this new energy element.

Recommended amount of chia seeds for first time users is two tablespoons and then you can increase with time.

However, kids who are below the age of sixteen should be given lesser amount not to increase the amount of cholesterol in their body.

Another factor that is important is that you should consume more water than you are used too. Even though soaking chia seeds makes them acquire the amount of water that they need, it is advisable that you consume more water as well that the seeds can have enough water in the body once consumed.


Chia seeds are healthy to your body. They also aid in losing weight since they increase your energy level and decrease your appetite at the same time. However, make sure that you prepare the seeds properly in order to prevent any negative effects. Start with a small dosage or seek assistance from a specialist on the best way to consume chia seeds.


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