Creating New Super Foods Using Recipes for Chia Seeds


Chia seeds have been used as super food since ancient times but the nutritional values of this small natural food have again popularized it as a nutrient for your healthy life. Recipes for Chia seeds had been used as the most energetic foods in various countries and civilizations including Mayan, Incan, Southwestern Native American and Aztec cultures etc. The messengers at that time used to keep Chia seeds with them to take them during long journeys for recovering their strength.

Several writers had written books about the features and benefits of Chia seeds as a super food for runners which had re-established this natural ingredient in the world of nutritional foods. The potential of messengers at ancient times had been revealed by these writers as they used to run for hundreds of miles on the basis of regular use of recipes for Chia seeds. After adding Chia seeds to water they form a gel type substance that helps in retaining electrolytes and hydration of the consumer. Thus it is the most beneficial content for the athletes especially runners. The slow digestion of this natural content also helps in sustaining the need for energy and maintains the level of blood sugar throughout the day which also enables the runners to go on long spans without losing the strength and vigor.

Many manufacturers of food supplements also use the recipes for Chia seeds to increase the power of their products that are used as foods to be taken after work-out. Many of these manufacturers had used these recipes for presenting Chia seeds in various food forms to increase their business as manufacturers of super health food for youngsters and athletes. The refreshing feature of Chia seeds had popularized them among the health conscious people especially who run for longer distances in their daily routine. People habitual to prolonged high level activities use these seeds to sustain energy much better than a cup of coffee.

Chia seeds is mainly used as super energy food as it contains highest amount of omega-3 fatty acid as well as amino acid containing proteins among the plant resources. Various antioxidants as well as vitamins and minerals including calcium and potassium are also available in these seeds. The soluble and insoluble fibers in the recipes for Chia seeds also make them an unbelievable broom that cleans your intestines to remove the previously stored waste materials from them along with regularizing their working.

You can use recipes for Chia seeds in your diets throughout the day as they can be used in breakfast, as smoothies in the afternoon, to give crunchy taste to the cakes and muffins and breads. They can also be used for thickening stews and soups as an alternative to eggs. They can be used for sprinkling on yogurts, salads and oatmeal to give a pleasant, nutty and mild flavor to them. The liquid absorbing property of these seeds helps in thickening the stews and soups. You can create fresh and thick beverages with them.

Thus, recipes for Chia seed helps in making various healthy foods of your choice to get energy and enhance taste of the foods.


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