Chia seeds,organic chia seeds,white chia seeds

Chia is a herb that grows annually and is mostly grown for its seeds. Native to Guatemala and Mexico, Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 and oil can be extracted from them. They are also rich in proteins, dietary fiber and minerals such as phosphorous, manganese, potassium, sodium and calcium. Below are some of the health benefits associated with the seeds;

Helps in cutting down weight

The chia seeds supply the body with enough calories such that one doesn’t necessarily have to eat. Similarly, when exposed to water, the seeds swell forming a gel. In addition, they can be made to taste in any way that the consumer prefers. Once consumed, they make one feel full thus avoiding consuming more food, which basically adds weight to the body. On the other hand, an ounce of the seeds has 4g of proteins; which is usually the recommended daily protein value, 9g of fat and 11g of dietary fiber as well as supplying the body with the other minerals that they have. Therefore, the body will not be malnourished as its getting much of what it needs from the seeds.

Regulates Blood Sugar

A healthy blood sugar level keeps the body energetic and alert and free of diabetes risk as well. Blood sugar usually plummets due to consumption of a lot of starch and sugary products. Increased blood sugar makes one feel tired and drowsy all the time. However, these seeds have been found to help in regulating blood sugar. Their soluble and insoluble fiber content work in harmony to slow down the way the body converts starch to sugar. Eventually, the body gets a steady supply of energy without any accompanied fluctuations. For diabetic people, the seeds rid the need of regular insulin injections.

Organic Chia Seeds have Cardiovascular Benefits

The seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty oils, particularly the alpha linolenic acid, which assist in minimizing the plaque that’s commonly associated with the onset of heart problems. In addition, by regulating blood sugar, they help alleviate diabetes which has also been linked with cardiovascular problems. The fiber content within them as well as the long chain triglycerides also helps in minimizing cholesterol levels in the blood. Eventually, the chances of getting a heart attack due to high blood pressure are minimized.

Prevents Cancer

The seeds are rich in antioxidants that are known to play an important role in preventing cancer. The protease inhibitors contained within them repairs damaged DNA, which might have led to the synthesis of cancer cells, as well as destroys cancer cells.

White Chia Seeds prevent Inflammation

The seeds have been found to help in keeping inflammation down through the healthy balance they provide between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. They have been recommended as the best source for omega-3 by Dr. David Nieman, of the Appalachian State University, in his article “New Study Explores the Health Benefits of Chia.”

Boost Energy

The seeds have been found to produce an energetic surge and strength in people who consumed them. They were once referred to as the “Indian Running Food” by James Sheer, an author of “The Magic of Chia”, due to the energy surge they enhance in the body. Another health pioneer, Paul Bragg also conducted an experiment that supports the energy boosting nature of these seeds. This energy boost has been credited to their potent properties.

Chia Seeds Help in Sleeping

Sleep is an essential element in one’s life. It helps the body to relax and manage depression as well. Insomnia can be treated by consuming the seeds as they contain tryptophan which is an amino acid which promotes sound sleep. In addition, tryptophan helps in managing depression related symptoms , which also lead to sleeplessness, as it also works closely with a neurotransmitter called serotonin, from which originates the treatment effect.

Chia Seeds are Nutritious

The seeds are rich in nutrients ranging from omega fatty acids, which are essential to our bodies, proteins (they have the essential amino acids-methionine, phenylalanine, lysine, isoleucine, threonine, leucine, valine and tryptophan), antioxidants that guard our bodies from free radicals as well as minerals. The following are the minerals in the seeds and their associated benefits to the body;

ü Calcium- It’s needed for strong bones and teeth. The seeds have 6 times the calcium in milk. Women with osteoporosis are advised to consume them.

ü Iron -Helps in the formation of hemoglobin, needed for body metabolism, brain function, muscle activity, boosting immunity as well as preventing anemia, insomnia and restless leg syndrome. The seeds have more iron than spinach.

ü Manganese-It’s essential for body metabolism, reproduction, brain function as well as preventing inflammation, osteoporosis, fatigue, epilepsy and sprains.

ü Sodium-Helps in regulating water retention by the body and is an anti-aging element.

ü Phosphorous -It’s essential for strong bones and teeth, efficient body metabolism and brain function as well as optimal sexual prowess.

ü Potassium-Its necessary in maintaining a low sugar level in the blood, regulating blood pressure thereby assist in managing cardiovascular conditions, maintains a healthy bodily water flow, prevents diabetes, arthritis muscle disorders and cramps.

Prevents Diverticulosis

A majority of people do not consume the appropriate fiber content due to over-consumption of highly processed food products. Eventually, this lack of fiber in the diet leads to the onset of diverticulosis. On the other hand, the seeds contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber possesses gelling capabilities. The insoluble fiber, unlike the soluble fiber, cannot be digested and merely assist the eaten food move through the digestive system. Furthermore, the soluble fiber with its gelling properties keeps the digestive system hydrated, thus ensuring easy food movement.

Other benefit that come with Chia seeds are that they contain anti-oxidants, which helps them keep fresh for a longer period as well as preventing the damage associated by free radical to the body. Such problems include premature skin aging and tissues’ inflammation. In addition, the seeds help cut down on food cravings by supplying the body with most of the nutrients it needs, which also assists in cutting down on weight.

They can be used in pudding, sauces, dips, salsas, as dressings as they contain no flavors hence won’t affect the taste of other meals they are combined with but merely take those flavors.