Chia Seeds Size and Quantity: The Contrasting Benefits


chia seedsAlthough tiny in size, chia seeds are packed with great amounts of nutritional benefits for the human body. Many people term chia seeds as the only super food that Mother Nature has given to humanity.

Although these seeds are originally grown in North America, more and more people across the globe have started growing them.

This is due to the many health benefits packed in these tiny seeds. The good thing with these seeds is that, quantity doesn’t matter. A teaspoonful of chia seeds added in other meals is enough to supplement the body with the recommended daily intake of major nutrients.

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

bread toast1. Rich in Fiber For Your Digestive Health: One tablespoonful of chia seeds added in a meal, either pudding, smoothie or even on bread toast contains more than enough fiber.

Fiber is an essential food material that aids in digestive health, and facilitates proper movement of food materials in the gut for digestion.

Many people today have tuned their lives to depend on processed foods, most of which lack any fiber in them. Adding some chia seeds in these foods can help supplement your fiber intake.

2. Packed With Omega 3 Fats: Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for general body immunity and brain health. Before chia seeds came into light, these fats could only be found in seafood’s such as fish. Today, chia seeds can supplement up to 18% of omega 3s into your body. The good thing with chia seeds is that, they are tasteless, meaning they do not alter your favorite food’s flavor and taste.

3. Supplements Calcium and Magnesium Minerals: Chia seeds are not only packed with calcium and magnesium, but also phosphorus and manganese as well. All these minerals are essential for proper body cell development, stronger bones and teeth, as well as improving brain health. Most of these minerals can only be found in green vegetables as well.

Chia Seeds4. Essential Protein Pack: The amounts of proteins found in chia seeds are just astonishing. A 28gm serving of chia seeds supplements the body with more than 10% of the recommended daily intake of proteins.

This is more than most protein sources such as meat and legumes can provide. In addition to this, chia seeds are easy to digest, meaning they are effective even to malnourished persons.

5. Helps Fight Belly Fat and Diabetes: A study on chia seeds has proved that, these seeds contain properties that help stabilize blood sugar in the body. These properties also help fight insulin resistance among diabetic patients, hence a great home remedy for these patients. In addition to this, chia seeds help the body burn belly-fat hence preventing obesity development.

6. Helps Keep the Body Hydrated: When soaked in water, chia seeds can take up, up to 60% of water volume as compared to their size. This means they can store huge amounts of water. Athletes and those who have to spend long days in the sun can therefore take chia seeds gel to their advantages. A single medium sized bowl of chia seed gel can keep one hydrated for more than 4 hours even in the most demanding situations.

weight loss7. Facilitates Weight Loss: with many people struggling with weight gain, taking chia seeds can help you shed off some weight. When taken as a meal, these seeds give a satiation effect, as they are slow to digest, and absorb great amounts of water.

The satiation effect gives a false positive signal to the brain, meaning the body has to turn to alternative sources of energy other than food. This lead to mass breakdown of body fats to supplement energy. In addition to this, the satiation effect helps you reduce the amount of food taken per day.

8. Promotes Cardiovascular Health: In addition to chia seeds containing essential fats, proteins and fiber, all which are essential for human health, they also help promote cardio health. These seeds do not contain any cholesterol at all.

The fact that adding chia seeds also facilitate breakdown of fats in the body also help maintain a healthy heart as well.These are some of the many benefits, which come with consuming chia seeds. Whether you are a vegetarian or not, these seeds are an essential meal, you should consider having every day.


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