Chia Seeds Nutritional Information


whiChia seeds are edible seeds that are from the plant salvia hispanica which grows in the desert. This plant is mainly grown in Mexico and it dates back to old cultures such as Mayan and Aztec. The word Chia means strength and that is why some Mexican cultures use Chia seeds to boost their energy. Physically, they are small and black and white in color. They contain a lot of nutritional benefits which is why people love eating them. Chia seeds nutritional information is well researched and people are beginning to see their health benefits. They contain;
• Omega three fatty acids
• Proteins
• Antioxidants
• Calcium
• Fiber
• Carbohydrates

Chia seeds are unrefined, whole grain seeds that are absorbed into our bodies as they are. An ounce of Chia seeds contains;
• 139 grams of calories
• protein- four grams
• fat- nine grams
• carbohydrates- twelve grams,
• fiber- eleven grams
• Minerals and vitamins.

They have a nutty taste which makes them a great additive to foods and beverages. You can sprinkle them into your drink or eat them together with your cereal for breakfast. It is believed that eating these seeds can make a person lose weight because they expand the stomach and make it feel full.

Persons on gluten free diets can have as many Chia seeds as they want because they are free from gluten. These seeds have three times as many iron nutrients compared to spinach and 15 times more than broccoli. They are also loaded with long chain triglycerides which usually help in maintaining the flexibility of cell walls and in reinstating cholesterol levels to their ordinary ratio with triglycerides. Because Chia seeds are a potent source of antioxidants, they help in protecting the vital fatty acids from getting oxidized. Unlike the other common sources of omega three oils, these seeds do not require refrigeration. They also do not need addition of vitamins or antioxidants to maintain their freshness.

Chia seeds digest easily because they soak up more than nine times their mass when put in water. This is evident because when they are put in water, they form a gel and the same thing is said to happen when they are in the stomach. As a person eats the seeds, the carbohydrates in them are released gradually then converted into glucose which provides the body with energy. The outside part of the Chia seed is made of fiber which keeps it from drying out. This fiber is the one that forms a gel when Chia seeds are mixed with water.

This gel creates a barricade between the carbohydrates in the seeds and the enzymes that digest them. This ensures that the carbohydrates are digested gradually and at a consistent rate. Therefore, no insulin surge is required to lower the levels of blood sugar after eating the seeds. Water retention capability of Chia seeds enables them to even out the intake of water thus retaining a good electrolyte balance. Having knowledge of Chia seeds nutritional information helps people to see their overall benefits to the body.


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