Are Chia Seeds For Neuropathy A Good Idea?


chia-seedsWhenever you hear about chia seeds, the chances are very good that you will think of the as seen on television planters with a catchy jingle.

However, what you may not be realizing is that chia is something that has been around for many years, with rich history as being a powerful medicinal herb.

Originating from Mexico, chia is now used to day for a lot of its health properties and the simple fact that it is loaded with beneficial omega 3 fatty acids. As a matter of fact, many people are now using chia seeds for neuropathy, diabetes, reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease and even to cut down on high blood pressure.Not only do chia seeds contain a good amount of omega 3s, but they are also very rich in dietary fiber.

All you have to do is some research on a number of health concerns and you are going to find powerful findings that talk all about how beneficial omega 3 fatty acids are when it comes to boosting health or how great dietary fiber can be for aiding in proper digestion. When you have tiny little seeds that are packed with both of these factors, you really have an incredible super food.

chia seedsAn appropriate dose of chia seeds in your diet will usually depend on a number of different things. This could be your age, your current health and a number of other conditions.

When soaked in water, the chia seeds will form a sort of solid gel along the outer layer, which is the portion that is rich in soluble fiber. Once they hit the stomach, the chia mix in with the gastric juices, they become gelatinous in nature and they will creative a strong barrier between the digestive enzymes and the carbohydrates.

This process makes it so that the carbohydrates are then absorbed a lot slower.Eating chia seeds have shown to help while stabilizing blood sugar, making them a great choice for someone who is dealing with diabetes. Studies have shown that patients who have Type II Diabetes that consumed around 37g of chia each day actually say the reactive proteins within their body decreasing by about 32%.

In addition to that, the seeds showed staggering evidence that chia improves upon blood sugar while also decreasing both diastolic and systolic pressure.Often called the “runner’s food”, chia is rich in nutrition that is known for giving sustained energy that is perfect for the body. As a matter of fact, a serving of chia seeds has well more than 8 times the level of omega 3s that are found in a serving of salmon.

blueberriesNot only that, but they also have a higher level of antioxidants when compared to blueberries and double the fiber that you can get out of a serving of oatmeal.

Whenever you are a patient that is dealing with an autoimmune disorder or some other health concern such as neuropathy, it is very important that you have proper digestive health.

There have been a number of tests that have gone into finding out just how beneficial chia seeds can be for the digestive tract, including the following findings:

  • Chia has soluble fiber that feeds the beneficial bacteria within the body
  • Chia can reduce sugary foods, otherwise known as high glycemic index foods
  • Chia increases vitamin D, which helps to regulate the immune system within the body
  • Chia eliminates foods within the body that are known to aggravate the immune system or cause allergies.

chia seedsWhen you are trying to do all that you can to keep your body healthy despite a diagnosis of neuropathy, chia is always going to be a great choice.

With a whopping amount of protein and even more calcium than a glass of milk, you are going to be getting optimal nutrition with each dose.

There is even a lot of potassium as well as boron, which is a mineral found within the body that is good for helping to transfer the calcium that you take in directly to your bones where it is essential.Chia seeds can be brought into your diet in a number of ways as well.

You can put it into your dressings, add them to salads, use them in puddings, sprinkle on yogurts or even have them ground up so that you can use them in your own bread dough or for the crust of pie or other desserts.However, some people simply like to soak their chia seeds in water until they form the gel coating and then they just eat them by the spoonful.

Chia SeedsNo matter how you take your chia, there is no denying that there are many great things that this tiny seed can do. Whether you are dealing with neuropathy or another ailment, this is a beneficial super food that is well worth a try.


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