Chia Seeds Health Benefits : Holistic Nutrition with Multiple Benefits

Chia Seed for Weight LossWith the growing information available about the harmful effects of overly processed foods and the long term health implications of eating low nutrition diets, has made the world sit up and take a closer look at the wisdom in the dietary habits of the ancient world. Chia seeds have made a come back with a great amount of scientific and incisive data which confirms its amazing benefits for human health. The ancient Aztec and Mayan warriors used it to sustain themselves through the rigorous of battle as it was supposed to be an incredible energy stimulant. Making its foray into the modern times through the book ‘Born To Run’ by Chris Mcdougall in 2009 – chia became a celebrity food with athletes and endurance runners who were amazed at its health benefits. A closer analysis of chia seeds health benefits would entail a look at what are its nutrient components.

The Nutritional Facts :

The above average composition of healthy nutrients is a resaon why chia is called as a ‘superfood’ .

  • A stupendously rich source of calcium as compared to flax seeds and milk.
  • Extremely high content of plant derived omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids; almost about 5 grams in two tablespoons. This is far more than the popularly consumed flax seeds.
  • Rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber.
  • Low in saturated fatswhich is a cholesterol raising ingredient that is usual for most nuts and seeds.
  • Most of the nutrients being ‘phyto nutrients ‘ are more easy to absorb by the digestive system.
  • 15 times more magnesium than broccoli,7times more vitamin c than oranges, 6 times more calcium than milk and 3 times more anti-oxidants than blueberries, make chia seeds the wonder food for the modern generation who are consistently falling short of their recommended dietary nutrition levels.

While these astounding components do qualify chia seeds to the level of a super food, its in the absorption and assimilation of nutrients alone that any health supplement can truly be called healthy. Understanding how the vitamins, minerals, proteins and essentilal fats can play a role in raising one’s overall health quotient will require a closer inspection of chia seeds health benefits.

Cardio Vascular Health:

A clinical study conducted with diabetics who were given chia as a supplement over twelve weeks led to certain amazing conclusions by a Toronto based researcher.

  • Blood sample showed less clotting which is a factor related to strokes and heart attacks.
  • Lesser internal inflammation which is also related to cardiovascular disease.
  • Lowering of blood pressure by six points.
  • When chia was given to this study group along with their ordinary diet, they showed lower blood sugar levels and lesser urge to eat due to the feeling of fullness.

Controlling Obesity

Obesity and the spiralling health implications of being over weight makes it one of the worst life style ailments of the modern times. Chia seeds health benefits can address this with adequate ease. Being hydrophilic , it absorbs 15 times its weight in water. This fascinating quality of chia has tremendous impact on those wanting to lose their extra pounds.

  • Chia seeds once mixed with water turns into large berry like pods that are quite gelatenous. Consumed in this form or mixed into a healthy snack or meal, it gives a feeling of fullness without the extra calories.
  • It is slow to breakdown thereby not allowing sudden surge or dip in the blood sugar levels.
  • The fibers in their slow digestion mode are more proficient in creating bulk and carrying even the most embedded of decayed matter in the digestive tract.

Enduring Stamina

Chia gained its popularity with the ancient Mayans and Incas primarily as an endurance building food. The water retaining quality of chia also keeps an individual hydrated and quenched for longfer periods of time. This proves extremely helpful particularly in areas of hot climatic conditions. The electrolyte balance in the body also is maintained .

The soluble fiber which gets digested more promptly provides the instant spurt of energy while the more slowly digesting fibers allow a slow release of energy through a long haul.

A Boost Of Omega 3 In Vegan Diet

For those wanting to switch to organic vegan diet, it has always been a concern to find sources of protein and omega3 fatty acids. Chia seeds are rich in both thus those wanting to avoid fish or cut down dependence on dairy can easily find a richer source of protein and calcium in chia.

Omega 3 fatty acids are also responsible for improving cell and tissue resilience to wear and tear through regeneration and improvement in blood circulation. Having both omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, it is known to be helpful as a safe supplement for pregnant women and those suffering from PMS.

Gluten – Free Advantage

Many who suffer the disadvantage of being allergic to gluten find in chia the respite and the source of an esy to didgest protein and easy to breakdown carbohydrate which can eaily be converted to energy.

A rare combination of vitamins and minerals with magnesium, manganese, copper,zinc, niacin , phosphorous and iron (which happens to be far more than in spinach), makes chia seeds the ideal choice for those recuperating from an illness because it contains a system- congenial combination of nutrients.

Natural Boosting Of Focus and Concentration

Students undergoing rigorous mental exercise need to sustain it through the right amounts of sugar released into the system . Too much would disturb the balance and too little will cause lethargy. The complex carbohydrates are easily converted to balance sugar levels and reduce hyperactivity. The presence of zinc known to induce better cellular strength and iron known to help in building concentration level make chia seeds health benefits equally important for children who either skimp on meals or go heavy on junk.

Build Lean Muscle Mass

The fats in chia seeds are basically linolenic and linoleic fatty acids that are polyunsaturated which do not create fat tissues that are unhealthy. Though immensely helpful in energy boosting, these fats are responsible for building lean muscles in the body. Besides, chia also has slight traces of Boron known to promote denser bones by absorbing and sustaining calcium more easily.

Enhances Detoxification

The rising cases of bowel related medical condition apart fom lack of exercise also is caused by foods low in fibers. The fiber rich chia seeds allow the bowel and colon to be cleansed through its slow passage through the system. Th outer layer of chia seeds is made up of mucilloid soluble fiber that forms a gel which then acts like a barrier between the stomach enzymes and the carbohydrates . This allows the carbohydrates to break down slowly releasing glucose ever so slowly into the system.

Chia seeds health benefits also include the traditional treatments that is common all over Mexico where it is used to treat blurred vision, bowel inflammations, constipation, colds, sore throat, prostrate problems and even as a topical application on wounds. The latest strand of research is the possible effect of chia seeds in treating or debilitation the spread of cancer.

Chia seeds health benefits can be accessed by all because not only is it readily available but can compliment any kind of diet. Taken in its base form it is at its purest ,but can be added to sauces salads, breads, as a topping,or even in juices and smoothies. The world has slowly but definitely woken up the the wonder of chia seeds health benefits.