Are Chia Seeds Good for Diabetics?


stressThe rise of lifestyle-related diseases today is alarming. This is something that we shouldn’t ignore. People are so busy with their work, they tend to forget about taking care of their health.

Eating in fast food restaurants, not getting enough sleep, stress, a sedentary lifestyle and overworking are some of the unhealthy habits that people are practicing. Many busy workers today are guilty of living like this – and after all, who can blame them?

Diabetes is a health condition where the body can’t break down starches effectively. This results in high blood sugar levels. Some people ignore this disease because the symptoms are all not that startling. If the increase in the blood sugar level continues, serious complications may take place. This is why many people who have, or want to avoid having diabetes ask their doctors, “Are chia seeds good for diabetics?”

Among the complications are heart problems, obesity, organ failure and gangrene wounds. Because diabetes is a deadly disease, people are now looking for effective ways that will help them control their sugar levels. Today, there are many medicines and drugs available.

doctorContact your doctor to find out which approach will help you best. They will run several tests to confirm if you really have diabetes. They may also prescribe medicine to control your sugar levels.

Did you know that there are other ways that may help you control your diabetes? There is this super food that is present in the market today.

What is great about this is that you can purchase this super food without a prescription. The super food we are talking about here are chia seeds. Knowing the background of chia seeds will help you have an idea how they can help people with diabetes.

What are Chia Seeds?

Chis Seeds are like poppy seeds. They served as staple foods of our Mayan and Aztecs ancestors. Warriors during that time consumed these seeds as their snacks. In fact, they would bring these with them when they went out hunting. These tiny seeds were perfect, since they were good sources of energy. Chia seeds also have a high nutritional value.

It is because of these nutritional benefits that the use of chia seeds is still present today. Although you can eat the seeds themselves, they are also a healthy addition to several healthy meals. You can sprinkle chia seeds on your salads, soups or desserts.

You can add them to smoothies and shakes. Basically, you can use them with any of your favorite dishes. Aside from fitness enthusiasts, people battling with obesity and diabetes find using chia seeds beneficial.

Chia Seeds Functions

Chia SeedsThere is a reason why these seeds have the description as a super food. This is simply because of the many benefits they can provide.

Enriched with vitamins and minerals, these nutrients are enough to keep all your body functions stable. Aside from that, chia seeds contain fatty acids and antioxidants that will help you fight cancer.

These seeds are also good in maintaining your overall health. Aside from that, chia seeds are also beneficial if you want to reverse the early signs of aging. Who would have thought that these tiny seeds could do such things?

Are Chia Seeds Good for Diabetics?

Chia seeds help in lowering blood sugar levels, particularly those with type 2 diabetes. This is possible by limiting the adverse effects of a diet that is rich in sugar. This is by making insulin resistance stable. What is more is that prolonged intake of these seeds help in lowering cholesterol, as well as the body fat.

chia seeds Chia seeds contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. These fibers are effective in slowing down the digestion or the process wherein the body breaks down the food into sugar.

Exposure to moist or water will make the seeds become gel in consistency. Thus, when a person ingests it, the gel will coat the stomach, giving you a feeling of fullness. The gel also is the one responsible in the delay in the breakdown of carbohydrates.

With all these mentioned, you now know the answer to the question, “Are chia seeds good for diabetics?” To enjoy the benefits, you need to find a retail store that offers chia seeds. Be meticulous in finding these seeds. Though they have a two-year shelf life, getting a fresh pack would be better.

There are stores that offer low quality chia seeds, so if you don’t want your efforts, money and time put to waste, find a legitimate seller who can provide you with high quality seeds. You might be wondering why there are chia seeds are available in two colors: black and white. Though they look different, these share the same benefits and functions. Never buy chia seeds that are brown in color. These are immature seeds and contain fewer nutrients.

Chia seeds do really offer an array of benefits. These will be a great health supplement if you want to reduce your weight, as well as keep your sugar levels stabilized. Still, don’t forget that these seeds are never an alternative for oral diabetes medicines.

You should still stick to your drug maintenance and talk to your doctor about your dietary restrictions. Share this information to your friends who are also asking questions like, “Are chia seeds good for diabetics?”


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