Chia Seeds for Gestational Diabetes: How Do They Help?


 pregnant womenSome pregnant women will have an increase of blood sugar during their pregnancy.

The name for this condition is gestational diabetes, which often disappears a few weeks or months after giving birth.

However, this condition will not only affect the mother, but it will affect the growing child, as well. This is why it is important to keep the blood sugar at a safe number.

Pregnant women do not have the luxury of taking all types of drugs. With their delicate condition, the best solution for high blood sugar is changing the diet. Getting rid of foods with high amounts of sugar is an ideal action. However, the growing child might not get the right nutrition if you remove some foods from your diet. What you need is a good alternative to add in your diet.

A good example are chia seeds. Today, these seeds are one of most nutritious foods available. They have many health benefits, which include lowering the blood sugar. Many women today use chia seeds for gestational diabetes, yet not all are aware on what they can do. You need to know how chia seeds work with your blood sugar to know if they are worth adding to your diet.

The Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

chia seedThe Native American cultures were one of the first people to use Chia seeds. The reason for using it is that it gives strength and stamina to their warriors.

Through the years, experts found out about the many benefits that they offer. Chia seeds have high amounts of vitamins that you can only find in a small number of food types.

They are also helpful in treating the condition of people with heart diseases. Chia seeds also serve as antioxidants, and they help the body to get rid of bad cholesterol. Many people also use chia seeds for the diabetic diet. When the seeds touch water, the fiber in them will bloat.

Other than making you feel full easily, the fiber will create a barrier in the walls of your stomach. This means that if you eat foods, the body will absorb sugar at a slower pace. As a result, the body can use the sugar in the blood at a normal rate. Your body can then cope up to the symptoms of having high blood sugar.

Chia Seeds for Gestational Diabetes

chia seedsIt is normal for a pregnant woman to have an increase of blood sugar because of the changes of the hormone levels.

The pancreas will respond to this by creating more insulin, a hormone that will bind the sugar to the cells of the body to get energy.

The problem is that the other hormones during pregnancy make it hard for the insulin to bind the sugar. Once there is too much sugar for the body to handle, it will result in the condition of gestational diabetes.

After giving birth, the blood sugar will return to normal numbers. In some cases however, this condition will progress to type 2 diabetes. During this state, a pregnant woman will feel weak because the cells are not receiving enough energy.

Aside from that, high amounts of sugar in the blood can cause defects to the child. The most common result of having high blood sugar is the child reaching more than nine pounds, which makes it harder for the mother to give birth.

omega 3The reason why a diabetic diet with chia seeds is ideal is that the seeds have enough nutrients that serve as a replacement to the foods that you need to omit from your diet.

You can get proper nutrition from it while keeping blood sugar at a safe level. The seeds support the caloric needs of pregnant women and they have omega-3, which is good for the heart.

However, you follow a proper diet and not settle on chia seeds alone. The seeds themselves have phosphate, which makes the nutrients difficult to absorb. This is the reason why you should mix them with other healthy recipes to get the most out of your diet.

Chia seeds for high blood sugar in pregnant women are ideal, but you might need to ask your doctor first if it is safe to add the seeds to your diet. Not all pregnant women are the same. Some are too sensitive to eat foods that they have not tried yet.

doctorEven if it is safe to eat this kind of food, some doctors will suggest not adding this food to your diet all throughout your pregnancy. This is important to be safe, especially in a pregnant woman’s delicate state.

Overall, eating Chia seeds for gestational diabetes is a good call. Together with a healthy diet and following the schedule of your prenatal checkups, you are reducing the chances of having complications.

You should not ignore this kind of condition because being pregnant is not easy, and you need to follow measures to make sure you have smooth sailing.


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