Chia Seeds For Weight Loss – Possible Side Effects


chia seedsOf of all of the benefits that Chia seeds can provide, one of the most popular reasons for taking these seeds is because of its weight loss properties.

Chia is not actually a product that is designed to help people lose weight. However, what it can do is, as a byproduct of how it naturally interacts with certain substances, cause people to lose weight.

There may also be side effects associated, which may not be motivating for some people that would like to try this out. The following overview of Chia will help you decide on whether or not these are the right seeds to add to your diet, and if you would like to take advantage of its ability to help you lose weight despite the potential side effects.

Why Chia Seeds Are So Healthy

There are so many reasons why Chia has been readily accepted by people around the world as a superfood that can help them stay healthy. The amount of vitamins and minerals that it possesses, the high amounts of fiber and protein, along with carbohydrates to keep your energy levels high, makes this a superfood by definition.

It also has hydrophilic properties which means if you put Chia into a glass with water, and you decide to wait for some time, you will see that it will expand to over 10 times its actual size, each seed, making something like tapioca in appearance, and is often used for desserts that people prepare after meals. For all of these reasons, Chia is very healthy, and is appealing to those that would like to improve their diet.

heartburn diseaseIt can also help with heart disease by lowering overall cholesterol levels, help with brain function, and for those that would like to shed a few extra pounds, it should definitely be added to your diet.

Why Chia Help You Easily Lose Weight

Chia can help you lose weight by doing one of two things. First of all, due to its ability to expand in the stomach, it will help you feel less hungry every day. The second thing that Chia can do to help people lose weight is that it will improve the delivery of nutrients, by virtue of the fiber that it contains, into your bloodstream by helping to keep your small intestines clean.

Unfortunately, there are side effects to using Chia on a regular basis which are directly related to its ability to help you lose weight. Let’s look at the side effects, and help you decide whether or not it is worth your while to tolerate these potential problems, yet slim-down a size or two.

Side Effects Of Chia Seeds For Weight Loss

chia seedsThe primary side effect that you may experience when eating Chia regularly is that you may find your self dehydrated. You may actually believe that you are losing weight, but in reality, you are simply losing the weight that is typically there when you are properly hydrated.

Although it is beneficial to consume these seeds with every meal, ensuring that you will not over each, it is important to eat Chia seeds with plenty of water so that dehydration does not occur.

This of course is rare, and you must be consuming a considerable amount of Chia seeds for this much water to be taken out of your body. However, to prevent the possibility of dehydration while you are losing weight when taking Chia, at least eight glasses of water a day is recommended so that the hydrophilic properties will kick in, making you feel full, and also prevent dehydration from occurring.

With only one side effect that is truly problematic, the probability of becoming dehydrated, you should know that by simply drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day, you can bypass the side effect, and move toward having significant weight loss which will be achieved in a safe way.

chia seedsUse Chia seeds to your advantage because of all of the nutrients, and it’s cholesterol-lowering and weight loss properties. It is most certainly one of the best super foods on the market today, one that you should take advantage of for these reasons and more.


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