Chia Seeds For Weight Loss-Losing Weight Without Compromising On Health


chia seeds for weight lossIn a market full of aids available for losing weight here is a health supplement that is not only exceptionally good for overall health but also compliments most weight loss regime to perfection. Taking a closer look on chia seeds for weight loss would need a look into its essential composition. Full of omega 3 fatty acids and anti oxidants , hugely rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber and richly endowed with proteins , chia seeds, an ancient dietary secret has tremendous potential to aid a natural weight loss process.

While growing interest in the clinical analysis of the impact of these seeds in itself proves the curiosity it has generated, one needs to focus exactly on what tis the process called weight loss entails , how does it happen in the body and what role could chia seeds play in it.
Essentials of Weight Loss :

A weight loss regime that is intentional must lead to the loss of body mass by means of reducing the fat or the adipose deposits in the body without damaging or reducing bone and muscle mass. Any regime that reduces the body mass by cutting into the essential nutrition present in foods that are vital for health of all oragns would be detrimental for health.

Most conventional weigh tloss supplements demand a complete reduction of carbohydrates and fats thereby compensating somewhere in the daily dietary recommendation . Chia seeds that has been called as a complete food gives you the benefit of a complete food while aiding a steady and definite weight loss .

Chia seeds can not only suppress your hunger but also provide you with adequate energy levels and other vital nutrients that many other dietary supplements may not . Apart from the fact that they are cheaper than most supplements available in the market, it can never really be harmful.

How Does The Process Occur?

Chia has the ability to produce bulk . When mixed with water,it converts to a gelatenous liquid that is nine times in mass to the seeds, thus giving a feeling of fullness. Also the gel creates a layer between the digestive enzymes that break down carbohydrates into sugars, slowing down the process, and releasing energy in required spurts. This allows a person to sustain himself through the frugal eating needed during weigh loss programs and permits a healthier more controlled blood sugar levels.

With its ability to absorb wtaer many times its amount , it prevents dehydration during rigorous exercise sessions. What’s better, chia can be included into any diet plan , right through to the dessert. It blends perfectly with sauces, soups, fats and even as crumbs to give some rather unsavoury diet food the needed boost.

Chia seeds thereby suppresses the appetite in a four – pronged manner:

  • Creates adequte bulk which gives a feeling of fullness by absorbing nine times its weight in water to create the bulk in your system.
  • Releases energy and nutrition in small doses keeping you energised in spite of dietary changes.
  • Food cravings are lesser due to the presence of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in chia seeds. Besides, the presence of magnesium , boron and more calcium than milk can help you looking and feeling better right through your diet regime.
  • While the hydration and the soluble fiber is clearing your insides of all the accumulated toxins, the insoluble fiber which can’t be digested is actually the roughage which keeps your colon hydrated and helps in healthier digestion.

Being natural , safe and FDA approved, they are the cheapest health supplement that can be added to your new diet specially during a weight loss program. It makes you eat lesser, feel more energised, and have lesser health complications or reversals as compared to conventional weight loss supplements .


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