Chia Seeds For Runners To Increase Endurance And Minimize Recovery Time


chia seedsLately, chia seeds are becoming well known as an excellent source of fiber, omega-3 fats, and numerous other nutrients, and chia is an easy addition to your diet.

Chia seeds are obtained from a flowering plant that is a type of mint that is grown in Guatemala and Mexico. It is an ancient food and was regularlyconsumed by the Aztecs.

Chia seeds have been regularly consumed by people where the plant is native for many years, but it was not consumed in North America until a researcher started to study chia as an alternate crop for Argentinian farmers thirty years ago.

The health benefits of chia was soon discovered and researchers began to advocate its benefits.

Anecdotal evidence of the many health benefits of chia began to surface from users, including, blood sugar stabilization, aid in digestion, energy enhancement, and cholesterol lowering effects. These health benefits make chia seeds for runners an excellent choice.

This small seed, which will be either dark brown, black, or white in color has a very large nutritional profile.

It contains phosphorous, calcium, manganese, and it is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.

As an additional benefit, chia seeds may be consumed either milled or whole, unlike flax seeds that have to be milled prior to consumption in order to obtain their health benefits.

When purchasing chia, both black and white seeds are a good selection, but ensure that you are getting high quality seeds by avoiding small black seeds, which are weed seeds, and red seeds, which are immature.

Chia seeds are sold by a large number of supermarkets and stores that sell health foods

After you have purchased chia seeds you can easily add them to your diet by sprinkling them on just about anything.

Chia seeds have no taste, so they will have no effect upon the taste of your food, which makes them very easy to integrate in your diet.

Chia seeds may be sprinkled into salads or onto toast or you can mill them and add them to health drinks.

Since chia seeds have so many positive health effects, we have created a list of the ways that they can improve your training.

Chia seeds for runners are a great idea since any type of food that can provide you with an extra energy boost in the last leg of a marathon is surely a super food!

Chia Furnishes You With Sustained Energy

Chia seeds are very absorbent. They expand to 10 times their size when they are soaked in the digestive juices of your gastrointestinal tract and they then form a type of gel.

Since this gel is formed, chia seeds will decrease the rate at which carbohydrates are metabolized into sugars.

Therefore, the carbohydrates that you consume will be able to provide energy to your body for a longer time period.

chia seeds

This regulation of carbohydrate metabolism also helps to keep blood glucose levels stable. However, be mindful that chia seeds have very little carbohydrate content, so you will still need to consume carbs from other sources.

Chia Minimizes Dehydration

Since chia seeds are able to absorb a quantity of water that exceeds 30 times the weight of the seeds, they assist the body in regulating fluid levels and retaining electrolytes, which is vital to staving off dehydration.

For very long workouts when conditions are hot and humid, chia seeds can help you to stay hydrated for a longer time period.

Chia seeds for runners can reduce dehydration and improve your endurance.

Chia Seeds Reduce Joint Pain And Inflammation

Chia seeds contain a large supply of omega-3 fatty acids that are a known anti-inflammatory.

In fact, it is documented that the Aztecs consumed chia seeds to alleviate knee pain. In addition to decreasing joint pain, the omega-3 fatty acids in chia seeds help to minimize skin problems, hypertension, and problems with elevated cholesterol levels.

Chia Seeds Help With Weight Reduction

Since chia seeds have a very high fiber content and they are very dense nutritionally, they will make you satiated quicker and for a longer time period.

The absorbent characteristics of chia seeds makes them effective at regulating blood sugar spikes and providing a person with a sustained energy source.

In addition to assisting people to reduce their level of body fat, these seeds also help reduce the level of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol.

Chia Seeds Can Increase Your Post-Run Recovery Rate

Chia seeds contain a large quantity of amino acids to help your muscles to recover from a long work-out.

They also contain a number of helpful antioxidants which are a great defense against disease causing free radicals.

If you consume them shortly after a long run, your work-out recovery period will be reduced.

How Should You Consume Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds are quite versatile and you can consume them directly from the bag they come in, since they do not have to be ground or milled in order for your body to digest them.

They have very little taste, so you can mix them into a variety of dishes without any problems.

A lot of people like to create a drink from chia seeds by soaking them in fruit juice or water for about ten minutes.

A rule of thumb for these drinks will be a one to seven ratio of chia seeds to liquid.

When soaked in liquid, the chia seeds will for a gel and expand. In this type of drink, the seeds will impart a very mild flavor.

However, you need to understand your own body. You should not attempt anything new or drastic on the day of a race or prior to long runs.

Keep in mind that chia seeds have a high quantity of soluble fiber in them, so they can have an effect upon your digestive tract.

Therefore, you may want to eat a small quantity of these seeds at first, to determine how your body reacts to them, prior to increasing the quantity that you consume.


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