Chia Seeds for Depression


DepressedIt is expected that people will undergo different phases in life; there are ups and downs along the way.

These phases are considered normal, there are times when there’s a tragic event in the family or other reasons that will really make you feel sad. However, you have to determine the normal “blues” from something abnormal, such as depression.

The emptiness, accompanied by despair, will start to set in; these are the usual signs of depression. According to the research of the National Institute of Mental Health, depression is currently one of the major causes of disabilities of Americans aged 15 years to 44 years old. This is why the quest for new treatments and medications for depression is unending.

However, if you plan to try natural means, rather than take different antidepressant pills, chia seeds for depression are highly recommended. Being in a state of depression will really make your life harder, because your ability to function normally is affected.

What is Depression?

DepressionDepression is a word often heard, but most of the time misunderstood. A person who is sad does not mean they are automatically depressed.

There are stages to go through and signs to determine the real state of depression.

Experts describe depression as a state wherein the person can no longer function appropriately. The black hole affect from depression interferes with the person’s ability to eat and sleep, work, study, and even enjoy life.

Depression is, in fact, considered as a medical illness. It not just affects your physical health but your mental, spiritual and emotional health, too. This condition is considered to be life-long and battling this takes more than just your effort but the effort of the rest of your family.

Support is a big help to those dealing with depression. Luckily, there are emerging medications and foods that can take away the feeling of being deeply depessed. One good example is taking chia seeds for depression.

How Chia Seeds Affect Depression

chia seedsChia seeds are well known for their omega-3 fatty acid content. Fortunately, omega-3 fatty acids have positive effects on people suffering from mood disorders and that includes depression.

Research shows that consuming four tablespoons of chia seeds for depression each day will slowly alleviate the feelings of emptiness.

What’s good about this tiny yet powerful seed is that it improves your digestive system and will keep you hydrated most of the time.

Signs And Symptoms Of Depression

You can easily determine if a person is suffering from depression due to the different signs and symptoms. Studies shows that the level of depression may vary depending on the person involved. It also relies on how they cope with it and their support system. Here are some of the common signs of depression:

  • Loss of Interest – A depressed person will no longer be interested in their old hobbies. They don’t want to join any social activities, gathering or events. They may even lose his interest in sex. Chia seeds for depression can remedy this situation, but it will take between three and four weeks for you to see results.
  • SleepingDisturbed Sleep Patterns – Being depressed is tough, for it may ruin your sleep-wake cycle. Most of the time, you will experience insomnia or hypersomnia, wherein you tend to over sleep for many hours every day.
  • Self Loathing – This is one of worst signs of a depressed person. The feeling of being unworthy and guilty is not a good feeling. You tend to criticize yourself over everything.
  • Difficulty Concentrating – A depressed person finds it hard to focus on things. It is quite hard to make decisions and most of the time, they tend to be very forgetful. If this is the case, you can try chia seeds for depression, as it helps you concentrate and focus due to its high omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial to the brain.

Chia Seeds For Depression Does Work

Chia SeedsSome people would think that it is impossible for an organic seed to help alleviate depression. The truth is, chia seeds for depression will not work instantly. It will take time.

The usual time for people to notice the effects is three to four weeks. The best part of taking chia seeds for depression is the fact that it is completely affordable and healthy.

If you want to help yourself get out of your depression, eating chia seeds or by incorporating them in your dishes and juices will help you feel stronger and energized. Chia seeds will provide you with better digestion. The seeds will make getting enough rest and sleep easier. Before you know it, you may be able to stop taking your antidepressant pills; however, always follow the advice of your physician to be on the safe side.


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