Are Chia Seeds Considered A Drug?


chia seedsChia seeds are not a new discovery, but they have only recently become popular as a source of food again. First, they are not a drug at all, but they are seeds from chia plants that have been used as food since ancient times.

Because they contain a good blend of protein, the “good” kind of fat, fiber, and carbohydrates, they may serve as a sustained source of energy. Perhaps this why people wonder if chia seeds are a drug.

The History Of Chia Seeds

Natives of Mexico and South America prized these seeds back in the days of the Maya and Aztec civilizations. The name, CHIA, even comes from an old word for “strength.” These nutritious and portable seeds were easy to carry on long marches and even into battles, and they could help curb hunger and even dehydration.

In modern times, they began to hit the market as one part of Chia Plants. These were little clay pots that were sculpted to grow chia sprouts, from seeds, in shapes that resembled cute animals and other figures. Even though Chia Plants are not that popular any longer, it is still possible to find them in stores. What’s interesting, is the sprouts of chia seeds are also edible and nutritious.

Why Are Chia Seeds Popular Today

chia seedsEven though chia seeds are not a drug, they do see to help people maintained energy and stave of fatigue. This is likely because of the good combination of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, and it is not because they contain any sort of chemical that would be considered a drug.

For this reason, food products made with chia seeds have become popular with different types of athletes like marathon runners, bikers, and even body builders.They are high in Omega-3 essential fatty acids too.

Typical American diets tend to consist more of Omega-6 fatty acids and short of Omega-3s. Other good sources of Omega-3 EFAs might be fish, other seeds, and some nuts. Overall, chia seeds are a fairly inexpensive source of this nutrient, and they are easy to consume.

How Are Chia Seeds Consumed?

Some people simply chew on the seeds raw out of the package, but other people don’t care for the consistency. There is a property of these seeds that makes them absorb quite a bit of water and form a type of gel. This property is exploited to make hydration drinks and gels. It also makes chia seeds handy to use in pudding, gels, and sauces.

yogurtSome people sprinkle them on their breakfast cereal or yogurt. They are also a great ingredient to blend into fruit smoothies because they add plenty of fiber and protein, are mostly tasteless, and also help make the smoothie have a thicker consistency.

Why Do People Think Chia Seeds Are A Drug?

The scientific name for chia is salvia hispanica. There is another plant with a similar name that is called salvia divinorum, or Diviner’s Sage, and it is also native to Mexico and Central America. Some other nicknames for Diviner’s Sage are Magic Mint and Sally D.

Because the leaves of “Magic Mint” contain salvinorin A, a powerful hallucinogenic, it actually is a drug that has been abused in the US.However chia seeds are innocent, and the only problem is that the scientific names for both of these plants are similar and they are native to the same parts of the world.

Chia seeds are simply a food that is similar to common sunflower seeds that are grown all over the US. Of course, these days chia seeds are also grown in the US, most commonly in areas of the Southwest United States with similar climates to their native lands of Mexico and South America.

Nope, Chia Seeds Are Not A Drug

drugYou can find chia seed at many grocery, drug, and health food stores these days. Eat them raw or use them to cook or prepare smoothies.

A bag is inexpensive, and a little goes a long way.A recommended portion is only one or two tablespoons, and this gives you nutrition that could be compared to an egg or peanut butter, but chia seeds may even be a better choice.


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