What Are Chia Seeds’ Benefits For Athletes?


chia seed Chia seeds are gaining in popularity as the new “superfood” of our time. This incredible seed is packed with nutrients.

This amazing food source has been existing in the background of our world for centuries.

This is an ancient food that has existed in the Latin American countries for thousands of years. It was a food staple that fed and sustained a whole society of people.

With all the discussion about chia’s nutritional benefits, one might wonder if they have any particular benefits for athletes. Athletes have to pay special attention to their health and nutrition because their bodies must be in tip-top condition during competition.

Many studies support the finding that chia is one of the most nutritionally dense foods existing in the world. Just what exactly can you expect when you consumer chia? Chia has an amazing ability to hold water. When you mix chia with water, it can absorb nine to twelve times its weight in fluid.

For athletes, this can help them hydrate sufficiently before their work out or training, and stay hydrated for a longer period of time. Athletes find it helpful to mix chia seeds into their protein shakes.

omega 3Chia is rich in omega-3 and antioxidants, all important to a healthy body. Among plant sources, chias has the highest concentration of omega-3s, ounce per ounce.

It even beats out walnuts, which has long been touted as the best source of omega-3s from a plant source.

Many famous athletes have reported that when they added chia to their drinks, they were able to sustain their level of activity longer.

One athlete said that a tablespoon of chia in its gelatinous form is like taking a smoothie made from spinach, salmon and HGH. This athlete was a runner who had been hiking up a canyon trail with the Tarahumara Indian tribe. The tribe has long used chia as a fuel source during their runs.

Chia is rich in micronutrients and trace minerals. Manganese, phosphorous, potassium and calcium are all minerals that promote muscle health and growth. A flavonoid found in chia has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that studies have show to increase the endurance level in human test subjects. This is good news for the athlete.

chia seedsIt is easy to incorporate chia into your diet. You do not have to be an athlete to take advantage of their benefits.

You can conveniently mix it into smoothies, shakes, cookie or pancake mixes, and yogurt. Chia in a gelatinous state can be made into a pudding if you add juice to it.

Because of chia’s water-loving nature, it is a great choice in thickening sauces. Some people have used chia gel as a substitute for 25 percent of the oil or egg content in a cake recipe, and not affect the texture, taste or color.

This is a wonderful to cut down fat and give an extra boost of nutrients in a cake. Chia is high in healthy fiber. There is not other fiber supplement that can compare with the nutrients that chia seeds offer. Chia has multiple benefits in any form you take it.

water glassFor people who want to lose weight and get in shape, chia can serve as an effective appetite suppressant.

This is due to its water-loving quality. Because chia expands in water, when you drink a glass of water with chia seeds in it, the chia will absorb the water, expand in your stomach, and give you that feeling of fulness.

You will feel like snacking in the middle of the morning or afternoon. When you take chia before meals, you will get yourself a smaller portion without feeling hungry.

This has made chia an ideal food supplement for people who want to get back into a healthy shape without feeling like they have to make tough sacrifices. Chia can contain as much as 20 percent protein. Protein is essential in building muscle. It is a source of energy that helps athletes sustain their high level of performance.

That is why protein shakes are so popular among bodybuilders and weightlifters. Protein is essential in helping the athlete recover after a strenuous workout. A key to an athlete’s success is stamina. Chia helps the athlete build up stamina and improve performance.

Chia’s anti-inflammatory properties helps the body recover after a tough workout. It can help the body speed up recovery. The body becomes stronger and can increase in endurance, improving performance during competition when it really counts.

chia seedIt is hard to believe that this seed has gone unnoticed for so many years. The only exposure that this unassuming food supplement are the chia pets commercials that are so widely broadcast.

Yes, these are the same chia seeds that pack the super nutrients. Who would have imagined that this novelty item harbored one of the best kept secrets in ultra nutrition for so many years.

A lot still needs to be learned about chia. However, one thing is for sure: what is known about chia now will give this food its superfood status for a very long time to come. There are many people who can provide testimony to the seeds benefits and potency.

With a food so nutritionally dense, it make sense to spread the word about this so that more people can take advantage of an easy way to take in more nutrients and have a healthier way of life.


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