Chia Seeds And Digestion: Learn About The Many Benefits


Organic Chia seedsBy now, you have probably heard about chia seeds in some form or fashion. If you haven’t heard about the health benefits related to these seeds, then surely you remember the chia pets from back in the day.

However, chia seeds have been around since ancient times, and they are considered a type of sage.

Their recent resurgence into people’s daily diets has been due to numerous conducted studies showing how they can provide numerous health benefits.

Starting with the daily nutrients you need within your diet, chia seeds are a wonderful source of both fiber and protein.

However, you may be wondering like many people if these seeds are easily digestible, as this is very essential to maintaining a healthy diet and staying healthy overall.

Simply put, chia seeds easily absorb water, which not only provides other benefits which will be mentioned, but it also means they are very soluble and easily digestible.

This means that all those wonderful nutrients you are getting from the chia seeds rapidly moves to the parts of your body that need them the most.

The term for this type of water absorption is called “hydrophilic.” Since they do absorb water up to the point of 9-12 times more than their actual weight, they actually help a person stay hydrated as well as retain the proper amount of electrolytes.

This is tied to not only their hydrophilic nature but also the fact that they are easily digested.

Their shell breaks down quickly allowing for the nutrients to spread and the extra hydration to occur. Chia seeds also provide your body with many amino acids as well as antioxidants.

Chia SeedsNow, are you ready for the kicker? Chia seeds not only digest quickly, but they actually work to clean out your digestive tracts as well. In other words, they work as sort of a cleansing agent.

Since these seeds are soluble and bulk up, they end up moving through your intestines getting rid of old waste that may have stuck to your intestinal walls.

Pushing everything through really works to make you have a much more healthy digestive system. And, many people who eat chia seeds have said that they have more regular stools.

The great thing about chia seeds is that they can be put in a variety of different recipes. People often add them to their salad dressings, cookies, breads, juices and more.

There is no gluten within the protein of the chia seeds, making it easier for those people who are trying to incorporate gluten-free grains in their diet.

In ancient times, many Indian cultures used chia seeds to do so many things. This included topically applying them to wounds, ingesting them for joint pain, and so much more.

The reason behind the wound healing is because these seeds help heal tissues rapidly courtesy of the many nutrients found within them.

When eating chia seeds, it is best to soak them first due to what was discussed earlier. This ensures that you get the most benefits from consumption.

Soaking them will make what is called a gel out of the seeds, and this only takes 10 minutes to happen. As mentioned, they are very fast-acting in many ways.

You can also soak them in other beverages, such as all-natural juices. Another thing you can do is add them to a smoothie that you’re making.

Chia seeds also provide a person with essential omega 3 fatty acids, which are one of the top individual supplements sold in the country.

You can get these fatty acids with chia seeds and so much more. Certain studies have linked consumption of these seeds with better cardiovascular health and also to helping diabetes patients with their blood sugar levels.

And, research has also suggested that chia seeds can help people with arthritis as well as aiding neurological functions of the body.

If you’re not convinced quite yet, you should also know that these little seeds also are high in calcium. What do they not have? Of course the calcium helps with keeping your bones healthy. And, many people use them to help fuel their weight loss efforts.

If you’re wanting to hear first-hand accounts about people’s experiences with these wonderful seeds, there are plenty of them online from all over the world.

Chia seeds have also been linked to helping people with high blood pressure. Of course, you’re not taking a cure-all seed that gives you a free pass on going to the doctor for any type of medical condition.

Instead, you should understand that these are wonderfully nutritious seeds that promote overall health and will work in conjunction with anything your doctor has you doing or taking so that you live a healthy lifestyle. So what are you waiting for? You need a bag of chia seeds to find out for yourself.


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