Chia Seed Nutrition


Chia seeds exceptionally are rich in dietary fibers, antioxidants, proteins and other essential nutrients. Scroll down to know more about the chia seed nutritional. Let us first briefly understand what chia seeds are.

What Chia Seeds Are

Chia seeds usually are found from the plant that is commonly known as Salvia hispanica. This plant is a member of mint family Lamiaceae. The seeds were first used by the native individuals coming from the central Guatemala and Mexico parts.

With chia seeds, you can either use them as food sources or you can as well add them to the various nutritional drinks. Sprouted chia seeds can also be added to the salads and sandwiches if you want the dish healthier. Let us now take a look at the nutritional facts of these seeds.

Chia Seed Nutrition

There are very many reasons why individuals are considering chia seeds as nutritious and healthy. The following are important nutrients normally present in these seeds.

Calories coming from carbohydrates 137 kcal

Calories coming from protein 15.2kcal

Calories coming from fat 72 kcal

Dietary fiber 10.6 g

Protein 4.4 g

Saturated fat 1 g

Monosaturated Fat 0.s g

Omega-3 fatty acid 4915 mg

Water 1.4g

These were some of the relevant nutrients present in chia seeds. Let us now have a look at some of the healthy benefits you are likely to get from consuming chia seeds.

Healthy Benefits of Chia Seeds

Here are some of the many healthy benefits you are likely to reap from consuming chia seeds. They are;

*Good Energy Sources

Due to the fact that these seeds are rich energy sources, they can greatly assist you in improving your concentration as well as your mood.

*Discourages the Process of Weight Gain

Chia seeds normally are very ideal for the purposes of your well being. This is because these types of seeds are, sugar free, gluten free as well as cholesterol free. Thus consuming a diet rich in chia seeds is usually recommended for the individuals who want to considerably reduce their excess weight.

*Lowering Inflammation

Chia seeds have got omega-3 fatty acids in it. These omega-3 fatty acids can serve a great role in lowering inflammation that can easily be resulted by heart infection or arthritis.

*Improving Digestive Health

As chia seeds are good sources of dietary fibers, they can play a very essential role when it is about promoting your overall digestive health. For instance, when it is about natural detoxification, these seeds will greatly assist you in dealing with such an issue. Let us now have a look at some of the side effects of chia seeds.

Side Effects of Chia Seeds

The following are some of the likely side effects you are likely to get from consuming these seeds.

*Gastrointestinal Disruption

This is normally experienced when an individual experience bloated feeling or formation of a gas when he or she consumes these seeds.

*Reducing Diastolic Blood pressure Level

These seeds are also likely to lower diastolic blood pressure of people. Thus patients suffering from low blood pressure are usually advised to avoid consuming this seeds.

Last but not the least; it is ideal that you are very cautious while consuming chia seeds if you want to reap all its benefits.


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