Chia Seed for Weight Loss: The Benefits of Consuming the Magic Seeds


Chia Seed for Weight LossOver the last few years, the usage of chia seed for weight loss has been quite popular. Lots of beauty and medical experts believe that chia seeds can really help people lose weight when they are consumed as supplements or as food addition. That’s why the existence of chia seeds supplements has been quite many, especially in the recent years. However, do people really know the benefits of the seeds and how they can help burning off calories more efficiently?

Chia seeds are native to Guatemala and Mexico, where the seeds comes from the so called Salbia Hispanica L. flowering plant family. Although they are included in the mint family, they don’t have any minty flavor or smell. In fact, they don’t have any distinctive flavor at all. Despite the plain smell and taste, the seeds are believed to hold lots of great benefits and power, especially when it comes to improving people’s health and fitness level. The seeds are believed to be rich in important minerals and vitamins so they can help combating weight issue. The seeds are rich in fiber fatty acid Omega 3, and other important minerals to boost metabolism system and burn off more calories.

The important usage of the seeds has gone back to the ancient times where Aztec and Mayan warriors would make use of the seeds to improve their strength and prevent hunger. When the warriors went out for hunting or for battle, they would bring along the seeds for survival and for energy. Whenever they were hungry and there was no food present, they would consume the seeds and they would have the strength to continue for 24 hours. Based on these findings, today’s scientists believe that the seeds can really help people deal with overeating and excessive consumption. When the seeds are mixed with the regular food, they can provide longer fulfilling effect so people won’t be tempted to overeat anymore.

Here are the benefits of consuming chia seed for weight loss:

  • The seeds can provide longer fulfilling effect. When consumed with other meals or between meal time, people will feel ‘stuffed’ and full immediately, so they won’t experience the desire to binge or snack. The seeds have the ability to expand with its gelatinous trait when it absorbs liquid. It will slow down the digestive system so people don’t easily fee hungry anymore.
  • The seeds will slow down the conversion of carbs into fat so people won’t experience drastic or sudden blood sugar spike. When the blood sugar is stable enough, they won’t easily get hungry and crave for food.
  • Since the seeds are rich in fatty acid Omega 3, they can really boost the metabolic system so people can burn off calories more efficiently and quickly. With the improved metabolic system, of course burning off calories will be better.

Chia seeds aren’t food replacements; they are mostly consumed as food addition or snacks during meal time. When people want to experience weight loss naturally and safely, consuming chia seed for weight loss is okay – as long as they pay attention to the proportion and don’t over-consume the seeds.


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