Chia Seed Benefits


Chia seeds, which is also referred to as Salvia hispanica is well known for their use in Chia Pet novelty. Chia has long history as food for Aztec as well as Maya cultures, who valued its health benefits. Salvia hispanica plant grows in South Mexico and parts of South America. They appreciated the seed for its medicinal properties as well as nutritional benefits. These days many people are becoming aware of its benefits.

Chia can be consumed raw in cereals or even salads. They can be added to muffins, bread or cooked separately. Ground chia seeds are also added to foods. With the growing awareness of natural health remedies as well as organic food, chia seeds have been recognized as super food. This article outlines some of the health benefits of chia seeds.


Chia seeds contain higher content of the omega-3 essential fatty acids compared to other flax seed, which are primary sources for omega-3s. Chia seeds beat perilla, kiwi seeds and others, which have even higher content of omega-3 than flax. According to experts, chia seed has the highest omega-3 oil content. They promote chia as a good balanced source of omega-3 as well as omega-6 fatty acids.

Blood Sugar Levels

The digestion of chia seeds is slower compared to other carbohydrates, but it helps to regulate the sugar levels in the blood. This is very beneficial since it helps diabetics control the blood sugar levels. Studies shows that white chia improve cardiovascular threat factors in the type 2 diabetics.

Weight Loss

Chia seeds are helpful in weight loss efforts. They add bulk to foods hence assist dieters to satisfy their hunger using less food. They stay satisfied for longer hours.

Athletic Performance

Chia also benefits athletic performance. They help to boost energy levels of the athletes and keep them hydrated for long periods of exercise. Ancient Aztecs referred to it as “running food” as it has the ability to enhance endurance.


Chia seeds have great hydrophilic properties that help control electrolyte balance as well as keeping the body well hydrated. They are able to absorb as much as twelve times their weight in water.


Chia has a high quantity of fiber. It is approximated that 25 grams of seeds contains seven grams of fiber. Chia also has minerals like calcium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, magnesium and iron. All essential amino acids are present, the only exception is Taurine. It has higher content of antioxidant than in blueberries. Chia seeds also contain more calcium than milk of cow and has more iron compared to spinach. They have higher amount of protein, almost double of other seeds as well as grains.

Digestion and Metabolism

Adding water to chia forms a gel within 30 minutes. The same reaction also occurs in the digestive system. Here it slows down carbohydrates digestion and their conversion to sugar. This helps in the regulation of blood sugar and check peaks and dips. Gelatinous mixture helps to clean digestive tract and give a fullness feeling which can help in weight loss.


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