Chia Nutrition Seeds for Perfect Health

Seeds are an important part of a healthy diet. There are different kinds of seeds like flax seeds, groundnut seeds etc which are used by people as a part of a healthy diet, but none of them are equal to chia seeds. Chia nutrition is a part of a regular healthy diet maintained by people all over the world. Let us consider nutritional values of this new kind of seeds. Here is a list of different nutrients present in chia seeds.

1) Calories obtained by 28 grams of chia seeds (28 grams counts to be one ounce).

· 50 calories from carbohydrates.

· 72.1 calories from fats.

· 15.2 calories from proteins.

· In total, 137 calories. (This is an approximate value and it may vary slightly)

2) Fatty acids:

· 0.9 gram of saturated fatty acids.

· 0.6 gram of mono unsaturated fatty acids.

· 6.5 gram of poly unsaturated fatty acids.

· 4.9 gram of omega 3 fatty acids.

· 1.6 gram of omega 6 fatty acids.

· It contains no Trans fatty acids, which are very dangerous to health.

3) Minerals:

· 177 mg of calcium.

· 265 mg of phosphorous.

· 44.8 mg of potassium.

· 5.3 mg of sodium.

· 1 mg of zinc.

· 0.1 mg of copper.

· 0.6 mg of manganese.

All these different nutrients are present in very appropriate quantities in chia seeds and make chia nutrition the best food for diet conscious people. Absence of Trans fatty acids, low levels of saturated fatty acids and high amounts of unsaturated fatty acids ensure a good health of heart. Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids also play a very important role in controlling heart diseases. Low levels of sodium and high levels of potassium ensure a significant reduction in blood pressure. Good amounts of calcium as well as phosphorous ensures strong and healthy bones.

Along with all these nutrients, chia nutrition seeds also contain other nutrients like dietary fiber and water also, which despite having zero calories, play a very important role in maintaining good health. Fibers help person to feel satisfied early and that decreases calorie intake and thus reduces chances of becoming obese. Besides that, fibers help to increase bowel movement as well as cleanse them completely. This reduces possibilities of cancer. Cancer of rectum and large intestine can be avoided by consuming lots of fibers. Water is also another important component of a healthy diet as it helps to remove toxins from the body in the form of urine and sweat.

Origin of chia nutrition seeds is Mexico, but they are grown in other countries also. Australia and South America are other important producers of chia seeds. Nutritional components of seeds from these two different components differ slightly, but these differences have nothing to do with their overall performance in improving health of a person. These variations are tiny and don’t have much effect on health.

So chia nutrition is the best nutrition advised for people who are very much conscious about their health. Having 50 grams of chia seeds daily in your diet helps you to feel much lighter as well as better.

Chia Nutrition Seeds: A new Treatment for Beating Obesity:

Perhaps the most important health related problem faced by people today is obesity. In certain developed countries like India and America, more and more people are becoming victims of obesity. Chia nutrition is the latest discovery in treating obesity. It has been proved to be a very effective method in treating obesity. Let us consider some important features of chia nutrition.

Chia is an edible seed of a plant ‘Salvia hispanica’. Mexico is the main producer of chia. Word chia actually means strength and vigor. As eating these seeds provide our body with an endless supply of energy, it is named as chia seed. These seeds are very small in size and jet black in color. These seeds contain all types of nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fibers, anti oxidants as well as calcium. Hence chia nutrition has been considered as a part of healthy diet.

Chia seeds can be directly used, without processing them in any way. Let us have a look at different components included in just two tablespoons of chia seeds.

1) 139 calories. This calorie comes from 12 grams of carbohydrates, 9 grams of fat (good fat) and 4 grams of protein.

2) Useful minerals and Vitamins in appropriate quantities.

3) Dietary fiber, which is very important in keeping intestines clean.

Chia seeds have a pleasant flavor, which makes them suitable to add to beverages, soups and salads. They are sprinkled over vegetables as well as fruit salads. Rice dishes decorated with chia seeds not only look good, but also form a healthy diet. Mixing them with water to make a gel is the most common way of using them.

There are speculations about their ability to help lose weight. Many people are so eager to lose weight that they won’t wait long for observing results. Some people have complained that they didn’t see any significant change in their weight because of these seeds over a period of 12 weeks. This could either be due to their negligence about other weight reducing programs like exercise and reducing junk food etc. one should understand that chia nutrient alone can’t decrease body weight as it is not a main treatment method. It is a supplementary treatment method which can be used along with other treatment methods. Using 50 grams of chia nutrition seeds everyday definitely helps to reduce fat content of our body.

Adding chia seeds to our food helps to reduce hunger to a great extent and that makes person eat less. Early satiety is achieved by chia seeds and that reduces calorie intake. Thos people who have been using these seeds for several years in their diet along with other measures to reduce weight have found significant results. Some other people haven’t experienced any significant decrease in their body weight, but still found improvements in their overall health by reduced blood glucose levels and bad cholesterol levels.

Thus chia nutrition has been proved to be very helpful for those who have been using it in proper way along with other health tips. It is better to use them as much as possible to keep many diseases at bay.