Can You Eat Chia Seeds?


chia seedsChia seeds have been used as staple diet for centuries in Central America. These started becoming popular in US when one enterprising company launched the ever popular Chia pets.

However, the recent media attention on super foods has really brought these small seeds into popular contention again. One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of these small seeds in recent years is that these are easily available, relatively inexpensive and extremely nutritious.

There are very few other foods that can match the seeds in terms of nutrition, availability and price. By weight, these seeds contain 22% protein, almost 35% healthy fats and a lot of dietary fiber. In fact, people who do not eat the recommended amount of vegetable and fruits can get more than 40% of the recommended dietary fiber with just a single serving of these seeds.

As you may be aware, dietary fiber is extremely important for good digestion. As far as the nutritional content of these seeds is concerned, these are full of iron, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and a variety of vitamins and other minerals.

Another unique characteristic of these seeds is that these can absorb up to 10 times of their weight in water. These are also better than flaxseeds due to better bioavailability of the nutrients inside. Flaxseeds need to be crushed or grounded before they can be eaten but these seeds do not need to be crushed or grounded to be eaten.

Are Chia Seeds Edible?

Chia seedsThe simple answer is yes. You can eat them in a number of ways. The best way to eat the seeds is to soak them in water overnight. These seeds will form a gel that can be mixed with the other foods you like.

For instance, many people use the gel to thicken their smoothies and other foods. These are also great for providing nutrition to kids who do not like to eat nutritional food such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

These seeds are also rich in various minerals such as iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium and also B vitamins. It is important to keep in mind that you may not like the texture of these seeds in its raw form in the beginning. Therefore, it is recommended to add the seeds into your favorite foods slowly.

You also need to keep in mind the huge water absorbing capability of these small seeds. Do not forget to drink adequate amount of water to avoid stomach cramps as the seeds will absorb a lot of water in the stomach and if you do not drink adequate amount of water, you may develop stomach cramps.

How To Eat Chia Seeds?

Chia SeedsAs mentioned above, there are a number of ways to include them in your diet. You can ground these Chia seeds into a fine powder that can be mixed with other flours to make cookies, breads, porridges and similar other foods.

You can also sprout the seeds and add these to your sandwiches, salads and other such snacks. Another benefit of the seeds is that these can absorb a lot of water which means that these will keep you full longer.

Also, these are not full of calories which mean that you can eat a lot of the seeds without putting in too many calories inside your body. There are a number of Chia seeds recipe available online that show you the ways to make porridges, smoothies, juice drinks as well as various other tasty and nutrient rich food.

They have a mild nutty flavor and chefs all around the world add these to various baked goods, yoghurt, salads and smoothies. These can also be used to substitute eggs, butter and other such things for baked goods. These are extremely healthy and provide you much-needed nutrition in an inexpensive manner. This is the reason that Chia is one of the favorite foods of vegans and vegetarians.

chia seedsThese are available in two varieties namely black and white. The black variety is not dehusked which means that it is full of nutrients and better than the white variety.

Due to the recent media attention, these seeds have become very popular and are available in many brick and mortar stores all around the country. You can easily order the seeds online. Do not forget to look for various Chia recipes online for bars, pudding and wraps among others.


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