Can Chia Seeds Help You To Lose Weight?


over weightIf you are among the many people who are overweight or obese, you certainly know the struggles that come with trying to find a way to exercise and eat that you can fit into your daily life that will allow you to lose those extra pounds.

You have probably tried a number of diets only to regain the weight once you were off of it. What you really need are some good healthy habits that you can incorporate into your life.One of the things that you may have heard about is chia seeds.

These remarkable little black seeds that come from South America have helped countless people lose weight and maintain their goal. These flavorless little seeds are easy to add into your daily diet and can really help you and your other weight loss efforts.For many generations, the Aztec and Mayan civilizations consumed these seeds, as did others in Central and South America.

The Inca and native tribes in the desert regions now known as part of the southern United States also used them. In fact, the name “chia” comes from an ancient Mayan word, recognizing the energizing and strengthening effects that are gained from eating these little seeds.There are multiple ways that these seeds help people to lose weight. Not only that, they have many other health benefits.

chia seedsThat means that they are great at helping to keep the weight off and to keep the body functioning well. Chia seeds can benefit anyone who decides to add them into their diet.One of the benefits of using them is that they contain all natural gluten free fiber.

There are many people who have realized that they have a gluten sensitivity, even if they do not experience the extreme symptoms of allergies. This can make getting enough fiber challenging. However, these nutritious seeds make that easier.

In addition, they are great at helping to regulate blood sugar levels. Not only does this help in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, it can lessen the cravings for snacks between meals. Often, people feel the urge to binge when blood sugar levels begin to drop. Eating a serving of chia seeds prior to meals should prevent that from occurring.Insulin resistance has been linked with the accumulation of belly fat.

Regulated blood sugar levels will begin to change that in the body. Eventually, this will make it easier for those fat cells to burn away.Another way that chia seeds can help you in your weight loss efforts is by lowering triglyceride levels. The seeds actually reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the body while promoting the good. This will lead to a reduction in fat accumulation.A single serving of chia seeds is very low in calories.

weight reduceOne of the keys to losing weight is to burn more calories than you eat. Many people try to do this by not eating enough and constantly being hungry.

The fiber in the seeds provides a sense of fullness while adding little more than 100 calories that will be absorbed by the body. This combination is important for those who do not want to feel hungry all of the time.

A person should begin with half a serving in the morning and over the course of a month increase the amount increase their daily intake to two to three servings.As the amount of seeds is increased, you may notice changes in your digestion. For example, some people experience diarrhea or lose stools when first starting with chia seeds. You may need to cut back on the amount for a day or two.

You need to realize that the fiber in the seeds is working to clear out your digestive tract. This is an important part of making certain that the foods you eat digest properly. It may take several weeks for the natural balance to your system to be restored.

chia seedsHowever, you should take care to monitor everything that you eat and how these changes influence your digestion over time.

Chia seeds are an effective tool in the arsenal against excess weight. Adding them into the diet is simple and incredibly beneficial.


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