What Are The Best Chia Seeds To Eat?


chia seeds growingChia seeds are growing quickly in popularity. That is no surprise because more and more people are discovering the many health benefits that chia seeds provide.

Chia is not a new food. In fact, it is an ancient food. People in the Latin American countries have used chia as a food staple for thousands of years.

Ancient warriors relied on chia seeds for energy that sustained them in battle. You can now find all sorts of food products made with chia. Chia bars, chia drinks, chia snacks and just plain chia seeds are available from many suppliers.

People wonder what are the best chia seeds to eat? That question really depends on the needs of the individual. Chia is high in many essential nutrients. If people want a healthy snack that will give them energy and satisfy their appetite until the next meal, snacks or nutrition bars made from chia would be good choices.

If they want to experience chia in a meal, as a side dish, they can experiment with making chia pudding, using chia as an egg substitute, or adding some into a sauce to thicken it. Chia has a special property in that it can absorb nine to twelve times its weight when soaked in water.

yogurt creamThe texture become pudding-like. Many people use chia in this form to make desserts and smoothies.

The seeds can be used by themselves, as a topping for salads, oatmeal, or yogurt. It is easy to mix in a teaspoon or so to give yourself that extra boost in nutrients.

Chia is exceptionally high in omega-3 fatty acids, more so than flax seeds. In a way, they are more versatile than flax. Flax seeds need to be ground, but chia seeds do not. Chia seeds also do go rancid like flax seeds. So, their shelf life is longer. Chia is also very high in fiber. Nutritionists recommend no more than one ounce of chia seeds per day because any amount higher than that may cause an upset stomach.

Chia has a added benefit in that it can help you feel full for a longer period of time. This helps you avoid overeating. Chia seeds that are wet will become gelatinous and will take longer to digest. If you take a bit of chia with a glass of water, you will will feel less of a tendency to snack.

If you take chia seeds before you eat a meal, you will go for a smaller portion. That does not mean that you will not be getting as many nutrients. Because chia seeds are rich in so many vitamins and minerals, you will make up for the nutrients that will not get from a smaller meal.

KidKids can enjoy as well, although with picky children, the best way is to incorporate chia into the foods that they like. Try mixing a bit of chia seeds into your pancake or waffle mix.

It gives a crunchy texture to the waffle, and it will not change the taste in any way. Kids will not even know that there is an extra boost of nutrients for them. Chia is not a fad. Its nutritional content is very real.

As more and more people learn about the seeds many benefits, they will incorporate more of it into to their daily diet. Mainstream grocers will recognize this demand and will stock chia products on their shelves.

The more popular and mainstream it becomes, the more of a staple it will become. When you look for chia to purchase, you should be sure to find chia that is organically grown, without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Chia is an non-GMO food and should be 100% natural. The best chia seeds are those that are grown organically, with no genetic alterations.

Chia is surprisingly economical compared to the other type of nutrient-dense foods that are available in health food stores. You can big quantities without worrying that it will go stale. Chia has an average shelf life of two to four years, and will stay fresh for that long if you store them in a cool and dry location.

When you are buying chia products, look at the list of ingredients. Even though the label may have the word “chia” in great big letters, the label will give you an indication of how much chia you are really getting. If chia is found near the end of the list of ingredients, then you know that you will not be really getting a significant amount of chia in there.

Go for food products that list chia among the first few items of the ingredients list. You will be ensured of a more significant quantity then. Try to purchase chia from a reputable seller whom you trust. You want to get a high quality product that you can count on for its potency.

omega 3Chia has come a long way since people are first introduced to it through the novel chia pet.

Who would have guessed that the seeds that are the center of this gag gift would blossom into something that can improve your quality of life.

With the richness in calcium, iron, protein, omega-3s, and a whole slew of other nutrients, chia seeds will not be going anywhere any time soon. More and more people will embrace this and incorporate them into their daily lives.


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