Benefits Of The Chia Diet To Our Body

Many people have tried losing weight using a variety of methods such as consuming various concoctions, pills, going on extreme diets among other overly hyped methods of losing weight to no avail. This is not to say that some of these methods do not work; they actually do. There is a new craze however going around about the chia diet. This diet is believed to help individuals lose weight in addition to providing the necessary nutrients to the body. The chia diet consists of chia seeds which have been used as food for many decades. They were popularly used by the Aztec and Mayan people.

Is The Chia Diet Safe For Weight Loss?

The FDA has categorized chia seeds as safe for human consumption. They can therefore be included in the daily diet and there is no limit to which amount the average human can consume. The seeds are considered to have a large number of benefits to our bodies other than helping us to lose weight. A teaspoon a day of these seeds is known to add nutrients such as calcium which is an essential mineral for our bones. This amount is also sufficient enough to facilitate the weight loss process. There are tasty ways in which you can incorporate the chia seeds into your diet.

It is a natural food and therefore does not pose any side effects unless you have an allergy to them. Since they are classified as a seed, most health experts recommend them just like they recommend people to take nuts. The Chia diet for weight loss encourages healthy eating by giving the clients an opportunity to eat less without going hungry. The good thing with this kind of weight loss is that it is steady and produces actual results.

To get a much clearer picture of what this diet is; it is a diet that promotes weight loss through natural methods. The properties of the Chia seeds increase your energy as well as suppress your appetite thus allowing you to lose weight without going hungry.

Is The Chia Diet For Weight Loss Safe For You?

If you are looking for a way to lose weight naturally without going on extreme diets, overcompensating by doing extreme work outs or popping weight loss pills, then the Chia diet is the right choice for you.

One way of incorporating Chia seeds into your diet is by substituting eggs and butter when preparing bread and cakes. You can also use them as additives in certain recipes and foods. Some people also prefer to use them in porridge or cereals.

How Does The Chia Diet Work?

The diet works by suppressing the appetite in three ways:

1. They help to control your cravings because they keep you full and satisfied a lot longer.

2. The reason why you feel full for a long time after consuming Chia seeds is because they are digested slowly by your digestive system.

3. The seeds bulk up once they are consumed and this is why those that eat them feel as though they have eaten more than they should. The reason for their bulking is because they absorb liquid.

Weight loss usually occurs when we take in fewer calories than our energy output. Chia seeds work on these two specific areas to help you lose weight; you consume less food but they give your body tones of energy. Recent research shows that those who consume these seeds on a regular basis as part of their diet have a higher metabolism and this helps them to burn fat at a higher rate.

Those that adhere to the chia diet find that they feel healthier, fitter; they can move more and eat less. They also have fewer cravings for foods which have empty calories such as French fries, sugary foods, etc. which might cause them to gain weight.

What Other Benefits Apart From Weight Loss Can I Gain From The Chia Diet?

1. You will keep hydrated longer

Chia seeds soak up a lot of fluid. You can do a small experiment by adding water to a teaspoonful of these seeds. They soak up water that is ten times their weight in just a few hours. Thanks to this particular attribute, they are able to keep you body hydrated for longer periods of time while still retaining the electrolytes in your bodily fluids.

2. Easy digestion

The shells are easily digested even when swallowed whole. This could be one of the reasons as to why they are preferred by most people over flax seeds. Flax seeds have to be ground into small pieces so that they can be properly digested. If you consume flax seeds without grinding them, they will not be digested and will pass through.

3. It enhances your energy and endurance

Paul Bragg, a health pioneer, conducted an experiment with one of his friends. They decided to go for a hike and divided themselves into groups. One group was to eat chia seeds while the other was to eat any other energy giving food. The group that ate the chia seeds finished the hike in four hours twenty seven minutes ahead of the other groups.

The Aztec warriors consumed chia seeds during their conquests. Athletes who consume chia seeds also claim that they give them great stamina to go for runs especially those that take several hours.

4. They help to generate body tissue

Since they are easily digestible, the nutrients obtained from the chia seeds help to regenerate body tissues.

5. They have a mild flavor

There are some seeds which are known to be very bitter or have a strong flavor. However, the Chia seeds have a mild flavor and can be used to make puddings, breads, smoothies, sauces or whatever else that you prefer. They do not alter the taste of food and this makes them easy to consume.

Precautions To Consider Before Consuming The Chia Diet

If you are currently on medication for blood thinning or low blood pressure it is advised that you seek the advice of a doctor before going on a chia diet. The seeds are known for thinning blood and are beneficial to people that have cardiovascular diseases.